Our local NBC outlet just ran a story about a mysterious disease effecting song birds, doves and crows. Thought it might be what happened to Jerry. Here is the link: nbc4i.com/news/local-news/wild


The other day you talking about fan fiction. I’m not a writer. But woke up this morning from a dream that was a take off from the last book I read.

It was a very strange morning.


I’m not sure if you’ve mentioned it today....who is the singer playing today? Her voice is familiar. If I’m right she sang with the Carolina Sundrops.


Shirts received! The day after we exchanged gifts. 😸


Happy 2021! The year of the uphill battle.

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request for aid 

Hey y’all, I have a friend who wishes to remain anonymous who needs $500 in rent for the beginning of the month. If you can spare any money at all it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be sending them all donations I get at my paypal until they have it covered!!


If you can’t afford anything boosts are Extremely helpful. Thank you all so much and I hope you have a safe end of 2020!

Ok. Drugs are wearing off. Now to apply pain cakes and go to bed.


Hey, just preordered “Finder”. I can hardly wait!


Just read “Rattlesnake Wind” and am blown away! Why did I wait so long to read this? It is fantastic! And I just wanted you to know your talent is much appreciated.

Current project. Would go a lot faster without the help. Lol

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the new hi tech security craze sweeping the nation: writing shit down on paper instead of putting it in a computer

@Farrell @rook

Sendinghb good thoughts after hearing the news about tornados in your area. 🙏 🤞

I’m back! Sort of. The last big project took a lot out of me. My stepdaughter helped me finish it. I have no strength left in my hands.

It is a floor lounger with 4 queen pillows for watching tv, reading or gaming. Since it’s my grandson it will probably be gaming.

Yeah! Just heard from my mother. The hospital is letting her go home today.

Well, I’ve had too much drama tonight. Still not sure if I have to catch a plane or make long road trip tomorrow. Gonna give it up to the universe for tonight.

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