Just read “Rattlesnake Wind” and am blown away! Why did I wait so long to read this? It is fantastic! And I just wanted you to know your talent is much appreciated.

Current project. Would go a lot faster without the help. Lol

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the new hi tech security craze sweeping the nation: writing shit down on paper instead of putting it in a computer

@Farrell @rook

Sendinghb good thoughts after hearing the news about tornados in your area. 🙏 🤞

I’m back! Sort of. The last big project took a lot out of me. My stepdaughter helped me finish it. I have no strength left in my hands.

It is a floor lounger with 4 queen pillows for watching tv, reading or gaming. Since it’s my grandson it will probably be gaming.

Yeah! Just heard from my mother. The hospital is letting her go home today.

Well, I’ve had too much drama tonight. Still not sure if I have to catch a plane or make long road trip tomorrow. Gonna give it up to the universe for tonight.

Also, she will be 80 on Tuesday. These dumb people. The reason she moved there was to have a secure home with access to help. They found her on their wellness check. But lost the key to her unit.

Yea! Woo Hoo! Another gift bites the dust!

Photo description: Dark grape ruffled ended scarf and fingerless mitts.

Well I’m on the same time as @fidgety so I need to get in bed.

Night all!

I also have a Palm Lifedrive that is now bricked. It was precursor to smart phone. I loved it. Then Palm sold out to HP.

Well my eyes are crossing and can’t see the stitches. Must be time to go to bed. ‘Night all.

Note to self: if you get interrupted crocheting/knitting in the middle of a row, where you have to keep an EXACT count. Just frog the row. I put WIP down to take a phone call and didn’t get back to it until e hours later. 🤯

My wonderful son brought me some pork veggie soba noodles.

OMG! I’ve just spent the last hour on the phone helping my mother block a robo caller. She is in Florida and I’m in Ohio. We managed to block 1 robo caller and 2 annoying ex-health aid that doesn’t understand that she was FIRED last August.

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