Patient's fam having a cookout, so my patient is in the dining room with all the guests & I'm hovering behind her wheelchair in case I'm needed.

It's like Redneck Downton Abbey.

Me going without medication because there is no money: 🤷

My husband when I tell him he will have to go without medication because there is no money: 😱😵👻

I don't understand whipped coffee.

It's instant coffee.


You've added a step.

To instant coffee.

Trapped in orientation for patient's newest home health agency. We will only be going through this agency for 5 hours of homemaker duties per week. Patient & I have both been with this agency in the past. I still have to do EIGHT HOURS of orientation that is in no way relevant to me & I keep having to correct them bc they don't know what Medicaid will or won't do.

Hypnic headaches are supposed to start between 1 & 3 AM & resolve within a couple of hours.

This morning's headache didn't get the memo & is still here.

Join me on Monday as I find out whether or not I can make an acceptable muzzle splint for a dog with thermoplastic splinting material.

Turns out she meant "OK. I got the suction machine & nebulizer."

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My patient's mom doesn't really know how to text & I very often feel like I need decoder ring or maybe a Rosetta stone to decipher the word salad she sends me.

"K got sick Mac and Ben"

K as in OK? K as in the initial of someone's name? Who the hell are Mac and Ben?

And then I reply, "Huh?" and get no response. 🙄

1845: Ranavalona, queen of Madagascar, ordered her entire court & all their servants (approx 50K people) to accompany her on a buffalo hunt. 4 months later, 10K had died of starvation or exhaustion or malaria...& not a single buffalo was killed.

My patient's pulmonologist is very concerned about some symptoms we've seen lately. It looks like her oral secretions are thickening despite meds & treatments. She can't swallow well enough or cough hard enough to clear the yuck & her chances of aspiration pneumonia's bad. It's just bad. We've always known this would happen eventually, but still.

Car needs new spark plugs. A $350 repair, but the other possibilities were much more expensive so I'm still somewhat relieved.

Lesson learned: when everything is already going to hell, don't draw fire.

I complained about the car situation, & now I'm on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck.

New straws on the camel's back: both my car & the husband's are doing things they should not be & both check engine lights are on. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it because there simply isn't any money.

And the husband's medical bills will be arriving any day now.

And I still haven't been able to pay the last round of his medical bills.

So it goes.

I've just watched a video in which a woman uses 4 different products AND a pricey styling tool to impart shine & volume to her hair. And if it makes her feel good, fair play to her.

But by the end, she just
It just looks like hair.

SURELY after that much time, effort & money, you should get more than that. If I worked that much on it, I would expect my hair to do my taxes, or at least take all my calls.

Not sure what feels better at the end of the day: taking my bra off or taking the clip out of my hair.

Listening to THINGS IN JARS. Book is good, narrator has given one of the characters a voice that makes me want to do a violence.

The dog's tape muzzle is very soiled & changing it has to be done under sedation. I'm trying to figure out if the entire maxilla has to be taped to splint the fracture thereof or if we could tape the upper half & put a normal muzzle on over it, so that the bit most apt to get soiled can easily be changed without disturbing the fracture site.

In short: veterinary arts & crafts.

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If nothing else, this sheltering in place is good ghost practice. I'm now ready for an eternity in a single place, always vaguely dissatisfied despite being otherwise fine.

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