My authors-to-avoid list has gotten extensive enough (over recent shitty human behaviours with the whole RWA debacle) that I now have to check it when seeing a book recommendation 🤦‍♀️

...oi vey 🤦‍♀️ So much to unpack and not my clusterfuck to wade through. Of course the employee has slunk off at this point.

and wants suggestions on the best course of action. At first I figure she is looking for revenge of some sort but she then tells me that no, she wants him back in her life. Goes on to tell me that she just could not seem to find anything on the internet that would help her and when she did find someone willing to perform the ritual that it would cost $1600, which she does not have and thought it better to just learn herself.

Roaming B&N today while I had a bit of free time and a GC to burn. Decide to see what sort of tarot selection it had. Employee is speaking softly with a customer so I try not to get too close. Just when I decide to step away the employee directs a question towards me. I ask for clarification and within the course of a few back and forth comments find out that the customer is attempting to find out how to summon a demon in order to get her ex back...

I used to talk about it like it was a big fucking deal but honestly all of those decisions have paled in comparison to the shit we weighed today.

We were told when the girls were little that our time was limited by various uncontrollable factors. So we have concentrated on quality since we were being denied quantity.

Today was a Palliative appt for our Zoe. Trying to discuss 'preferences' of end of life care is such a fucking gut punch. I need wine and am sadly all out.

I can even deal with egotistical+narcissistic Jack.

The Raconteurs just FEED me.
<sigh of contentment>

World is burning so I'm gonna go play ME so I can save the universe.

I'm usually adept at Sean speak but this one got me --

Sean: You think she would want some salty juice in her food?

Me: Huh?!

Sean: Um, salty juice, WTF is the word I'm looking for?!

Me: I have no idea on this one.

Sean: *grabs the soy sauce out of the fridge*

Me: Well, I mean, you're not wrong...

Feeling the itch for some stone rings. Bloodstone in particular 🤔 I don't have one of those yet.

Finally got around to ordering Throne Of The Five Winds by S.C. Emmett. I mean, I knew it was going to be epic in scope but my face was still 😮 when seeing the 650+ pages. I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!!

Can I have a quasi romance with a 40ish woman who takes care of herself and a grown ass man that is not a millionaire repenting playboy?

I believe tonight will be full of Roma violins ❤️ Soothes my damned soul, it does.

The parents have decided to come over here...

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