Over at Book View Cafe we've got some new books on offer, and some specials! Including a short-time-only price break on WEST WINDS' FOOL, so if you've been meaning to buy a copy for a friend, now's the time to do it...

Seriously, though. Short sale window. Grab it now.

(And remember: BVC is 100% writer owned and operated! No corporate layering, just writers doin' for themselves...)


The story just required a passing reference to the flu riots of 2019, and now I'm imagining protesters puking on cops.

...I like it.

All I want is a sturdy, refillable day planner with a clasp to keep papers from falling out, enough room to do daily and weekly planning, and small enough to carry with me. And have it not cost $100. Why is this so difficult, world?

Ooops, over on birbsite I upset a lot of atheists by commenting that arguing about the reality of god helped make god real. They did not like that.


Got a good night’s sleep, and woke up already exhausted. That’s it, that’s 2019 in America.

(The GOP will regret teaching us how to work through exhaustion just to survive. We’re using that shit now.)

Argh. Image is showing as blurred-out on my screen. Can anyone else see it?

To celebrate the author's edition of SOUL OF FIRE hitting the world today, have a (s)lightly different take on this week's .....

(remember: buy this cover, not the old red one!)

alert: if you have /need a therapy lightbox, now is the time to make sure it's set up and in working order.

Thing I typed today:

"[redacted] meant they’d have to disrobe the corpse, possibly his second-least-favorite activity."

I seem to be practicing gentle unkindness to my characters in this book....

Me: feeds cats
Me: goes back to reading news
CatofSize: hey! Hey! HEY!
Me: comes out to see CatofSize sitting, waiting expectantly
Me: oh, right, sorry. *gives CatofSize his insulin shot*
CatofSize: walks away quietly to finish breakfast.

Who trained who?

Ok, everyone’s awake, there is coffee, and oh hey, Things to be Doing!

(Including a bunch of promo because SOUL OF FIRE comes out next week. Have you preordered yours yet? Have you gotten HEART OF BRIAR yet? C’mon, keep up!)

Discussions of what to put on protest signs led two of us (because We Are Old) to come up with "Stop! Hey, What's That Sound? Everybody Look Who's Going Down."

Me: "Before you head out, is there anything that needs to get done today?"
Boss: "...No, we're all caught up with everything."
Me: .... 👀
Boss: .... 👀
Me: "Get out of here before you jinx us."

I'm not going to say that apple-butternut-bacon soup and apple cake are the best ways to welcome in autumn/ the new year, but it's definitely one of the best.

Now I need to nap.

- I've done all the things I've been avoiding in order to not do the large thing I'm avoiding!

Autumn + revisions/deadline hell = I escape tot he kitchen. This weekend I made:

-chicken stock.
-butternut-apple soup.
-French apple cake.

then impulse-bought a flat of late-season blackberries, and so made
-a week's worth of blackberry spread,
-2 batches of blackberry-basil sauce
-a batch of blackberry muffins
-blackberry-strawberry sauce
- 4 pints of blackberries, washed and frozen for winter use.

Sometimes I forget I'm only cooking for 1.

There are few things I hate in this gig more than proofreading.

A) my brain isn't suited for it and
B) it shows me all the dumb mistakes we missed in the writing/revising/editing/copyediting

whoops, almost forgot to share this week's !

This week's isn't a "mistake" - the follow-up to HEART OF BRIAR is now available for pre-order!

Find out what happens after you rescue the boy, but still have to fend off an invasion from Fairyland...


I'm at that stage with several projects where all I want to do is sit here and type.

This is the downside to having a job that needs you to put on pants and interact with the outside world.

Dear Universe: please drop money on me and all my loved ones, so we can prioritize for better reasons.

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