“And a demon? _Another_ demon?” My dad had perfected the long-suffering put-upon tone by the time he was eleven, according to nana.

“Not my fault!” Okay, it was kinda a little my fault, but not really.

I know we're not supposed to read the reviews but sometimes we do, okay?

"Gilman does a masterful job of giving her characters agency, and allowing their stories to percolate like really good coffee. " (about GABRIEL'S ROAD).

I go purr for a bit, now.

I have seen Men In Black International, and deem it a pretty bit of fun. Very pretty, well paced, and a fitting continuation of the series.

The plot was exactly as clever as it needed to be, and everyone played their role to perfection. I can't think of anything you could ask more of for a summer movie

1200 new words this PM, and I'm off for dinner & a movie.

“Mom, hi, no I’m fine, no seriously mom I’m fine.” I could feel my dad’s smirk, even without looking at him.

"You totally did not have a premonition, there hasn’t been a seer on your side of the family in ever."

I have discovered organic dried mango slices and may be OD'ing on them slightly tonight...

This afternoon's reading: United States v. Union Pacific R. Co., 226 U.S. 470 (1913)

Yay Sherman Act! (I miss actual enforcement of the Sherman Act).

New blogpost! New book! lauraannegilman.net/the-collec

What's that? You didn't know I had something new coming out? Surprise!

(and, for now, it's only $2.99!)

It's 85 degrees and we have to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes to walk the (45 minute walk per dog).

But we all survived, and now I have a gin-and-ginger to rehydrate me...

when geeks make books:

April: Will get D2D rolling
Me: I keep reading that wrong...
(do we need dice? do I need to roll for formatting?)
April: Don't I make the formatting roll?
Who is DMing this trainwreck?
Me: Amazon. Their modules are shitty.

“It is not enough to be concerned for the life to come. Our immediate concern must be with justice and compassion in life here and now, with human dignity, welfare, and security.”

— Abraham Joshua Heshel

who let me buy Triscuits! Did you not read the memo?

*eats entire box in one sitting*

Once again turning to Aaron Carapella's maps for story ....

If I don't reappear by morning, send a search party here:

ok, so maybe researching regional ghost stories just before bed wasn't one of my better ideas.

I'll let you know in the morning...

So, I've watched 3 of the 6 episodes of GOOD OMENS, and as a fan of the book since before it came out (no, really: I read a copy before it was officially published) I gotta say they're nailing it.

With the added bonus of pissing off bigots, fundies, and other people with no sense of humor.

~5,000 words written this weekend, despite sinus crud and corollary naps. Less than I'd hoped for but more than I had before, so yay.

“Be careful when you speak with the police," she cautioned. "We do not need a repeat of the St Louis incident.”

"There were some sights that no one should encounter.

She had seen many of them, and forgotten none."

Will the human(s) of the very vocal hound somewhere in my complex please go give it a cuddle? Thank you.

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