Non-spoilery review: I would have trimmed 10-15 minutes of "We GET it, JJ" but overall, I am satisfied with the cycle's end, and pleased that much room has been left for future generations of ficwriters to play.

When the history books are written, McConnell's baldfaced statement that he has no interest in a fair or legitimate trial, may earn him the same infamy as John Wilkes Booth for his part in killing "the Party of Lincoln."

I am so very tempted to utter into the ether, "will no one rid us of this meddlesome McConnell." But I won't because that would be wrong. And also a misuse of a historical trope, because Henry was in the moral pissbucket, not Beckett.

But the temptation lingers.

There is something really satisfying in breaking down a global edit to someone and _hearing_ their brain catch fire and realize how they can fix shit and make it more awesome.

I mean, I totally do this for the money, but I do it for that moment, too.

Me: I'm tired of volunteer meals, no matter how much love they were made with...oh, I still have some chili in the freezer!

Narrator: She had somehow forgotten how much hotter chili gets when frozen and reheated.

Me: *breathes fire at the cats*

Rereading CURSE THE DARK for production reasons, and being both impressed (the suck fairy did not visit) and sad (the series was prescient about way too much in the world right now).

PSA: Because I'm seeing this a bit in my own cohort, I'm going to tell you that - in general - if you're not sure what to say to someone who has had surgery/is unwell, and don't want to be intrusive, a get well card or email (with no obligation of response) is 💯👍.

Lines I'd forgotten I'd written and am amused by:

"She had never understood the beauty of how fast a man could get naked before."

I should get up and turn on the lights, but my staples hurt and a cat is asleep on my ankle, A Life Story.

Lightning Strikes! A new collection of Cosa Nostradamus stories - the perfect place to start, or reunite with old friends!

Reading Mahmoud Darwish's A RIVER DIES OF THIRST, on a friend's recommendation.

About a third of the works miss their mark for me, a third strike gently, and a third, oh that third, it plucks my heart out and makes a gift of it to me.

The cats, having had me in the home office for 3 days, are deeply against me going to work today. To soothe their feelings of abandonment, they suggest that you pick up a copy of DUCHESS, PI and restore the rightful balance of The Cats Are Always Right.

Some days you get to help socialize and medicate two- month-old kittens. Some days the two-month old kitten craps on you.

I can now say that I have run the gamut of pretty much every bodily fluid an animal can offer to a handler. All you can do is laugh, and go scrub up.

Me at 7:30pm : Cover me, I’m going in. The two most recent episodes of , back to back.

I’m going to need whisky in my coffee, aren’t I?

Me at 9:15: I have bypassed the coffee entirely.

I can't WAIT until the management company sends me their usual "how'd we do?" email.

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