I have a theory (it might be bunnies) that you can make a pretty accurate
preliminary assessment of someone's mental health WRT dementia by studying the progression of their social media.

PB shifted uncomfortably, causing the other three in the room to look at him. He glared back at them, then looked at the Retriever.“That’s the one thing you never wanted to hear, Valere. You know it now. There is such a thing as justifiable violence. There is such a thing as a just war—or at least a necessary one. Necessary death. Necessary killing. There comes a time when you can’t run any more, because you’ve been running so long you’ve run out of anywhere to run to.”


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Revising FREE FALL for reissue (finally) and it’s obvious I was working on a FAFO philosophy even then...

“I never wanted to fight when I could run, and I never wanted to run when I could just stay out of sight. But we need to survive. We need to do more than survive. And we can’t do that if there are people out there who aren’t even willing to give us the respect of being people, in their eyes. And we can’t change their minds, that’s been proven already.”


Despite inertia, managed to get the portable ac unit set up. Have informed the dog that if she has to pee between the hours of 2-5 pm, she's on her own.

Some people are saying that we should take Xena as our role model against theocracy.

A good choice, yep. Me? I'm going for Granny Weatherwax.

The Pentagon announced it will not recognize the overturning of Roe by the Supreme Court. It will still provide women's healthcare to military and spouses.


I'm back July 4th with a new collection of feisty, frosty, and occasionally furious Opinions on topics ranging from city living to monster trucks to mucus (yes, snot). With an introduction by Elsa Sjunneson, author of BEING SEEN.

Now available for pre-order!

Washington remains a free state and will not assist in the harassment of women seeking medical care.

For those of you who did not study US history, I’d suggest you google “fugitive slave act of 1850.”


It’s about more than pregnancy. It’s about bodily autonomy. It’s about personal/medical privacy. It’s about refusing to bow down to a theocracy.

A reminder to folk who either weren't active during the Trump regime, or have forgotten: social media is for disseminating information and stirring up emotions.

Get the work done offline.

To those asking, “but what can we do?” I’m reminded of a phrase that’s come up again in recent years.

When governance is unconscionable, be ungovernable.

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Roe has been struck down. Women, in the eyes of the court, are nothing more than incubators, with no right to bodily autonomy. Welcome to Gilead.

To everyone who said they couldn’t vote for Hillary because “reasons,” this is on you. You allowed Trump and the GOP to put unqualified Quiverfulls and frat boy rapists on the bench.

#OtD 23 Jun 1848 the June Days Uprising began in France in response to plans to close National Workshops, which were created to provide work for the unemployed:

This morning's spam call wanted to let me know I might be eligible for student loan forgiveness!

Me: More like student loan forgetfulness, since I was among those lucky enough to get it paid off before I was 35.

Them: *click*

Max’s birthday is tomorrow (she was born in the shelter, so we know the exact date). Do I get her a pupcake, or is that just gilding the spoiled-pup lily?

Summer is:

Clear sunlight streaming
Making itself welcome through windows
And you wake up and look down-
And mutter, goddamned I just vacuumed!

(Pet owners understand.)

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