Just finished the last of the vanilla-fig balsamic vinegar (dressing for the kale-and-pear salad) and realized to my horror that I'm down to 6 balsamic vinegars.

Stop snickering, this is SERIOUS.

so, I got home mid-afternoon, thinking I'd take some Aleve and have a snack and then get back to work...

and I took a 3 hour snooze on the sofa.

I'm going to chalk that up to "needed it."

Updating the website to include another book page is always an "eep" moment. Good eep, but still eep.

Today on Skiffy & Fanty, they’re revealing the amazingly gorgeous cover for my newest project, GABRIEL’S ROAD. Give ‘em some love and click over to see!


Boosting this campaign because I believe in it (I have no financial interest in the results except as a backer).


After a day at the office, I had a useful/productive phone convo with my agent, and did a quick revision of a story for publication, and I should do more tonight but you know what? I'm not going to.

Welp, just had to block a nasty little racist troll elsewhere, and now I feel the need to scrape a layer of skin off my fingers just from keyboard contamination.

Dear fellow members of the tribe: please to remember that we are not "white" - and many of us are PoC. White supremacy is bullshit.

Taking the emergency-purchase laptop (Everyone, meet Bunter!) out for his first serious writing-spin today. Cross your fingers (I can't, it makes typing difficult) that I finish up some emergency-sidelined projects today...

The worst part of working on any project is waiting for other people to get back to you before you can determine a direction.

*cat-stares at two people in particular*

and replacing my laptop was not listed on today's agenda, and yet here we are...

(if you've any interest in any of my indie books, now is an excellent time to buy 'em. bookviewcafe.com/bookstore/bvc)

I'm stuck at the mall (waiting on a Genius Bar opening) and am consoling myself with a samosa with green chutney that is happily burning the inside of my mouth apart.

This week's is running a little late, but I think some of you'll agree it's very !

"Can you feel your nose?"
"What kind of a question is that? Of course I can... oh, shit."
"OK, no more whisky for you."

OK, I'm officially on Curious Fictions now, too. Getting some of the older stories up for new readers... curiousfictions.com/authors/59

Racing my own brain to hit deadline on this novella. I mean, I already missed my original deadline, but this one I've got to make, or fall on my sword publicly and with a lot of embarrassment...

I am not only out of spoons, I am realizing, but I am out of the forks whose tines I bent to make do as spoons.

All I have left are knives.

This will end well I’m sure.

Never before in the history of April Fools has an entire nation so hoped for a three-year set-up.

They won’t even be mad, they promise, if tomorrow they’re told Brexit was all a joke, nobody’s going anywhere...

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