Still being oppressed and fucked with after all these centuries, but through the bars you can see the vivid, restless captive. To coin a Jane Eyre.

And the fact that so many of their works are translated and critiqued nowadays by men who are still heavily invested in patriarchy as status who is just... yeah.

And honestly the strategy was a mixed bag, but it was so much better than what society expected of them otherwise, most of them were all “fuck it, I’m Bride of Christ-ing right out of here.”

I find medieval female mystics absolutely fascinating because of the way they used the tools of oppression leveled against them. It’s some social judo, all right.

Like “oh sure she pretty much invented Western autobiography but she didn’t have a dongle so IT’S NOT PERFECT.”

Don’t mind me, I’m just reading an introduction to Kempe’s Book and getting mad on her behalf centuries later.

So when Proust did it, it’s art but when Margery Kempe did it, it’s “untutored and erratic mysticism.”

Today: No banished kitchen imps, the red sauce turned out well, two loaves of crusty bread.

Also, poking at trunk novels. It's good to be alive.

I appreciate Bob Ross for giving me the phrase "bravery test" to describe doing something that ought to be personally rewarding, but is also way scary and intimidating and looks like it might fuck everything up.

Sometimes the Muse gives you a puzzle involving two bodies and dares you to become a necromancer.

Wrote myself into a corner. Cut it and stuck it in a different text file, wrote into another corner. Figured out the scene needed to Frankensteined together, cut-and-paste.

Witchery is what works. Test, retest, throw out what doesn’t get results, retain what does.

For those asking: it doesn’t matter if there ARE actual kitchen sprites or if addressing the world as full of invisible beings jogs the perceptions/memory. Either way, I found my damn paprika.

Just had to stand in the middle of my kitchen and say "Hand over the smoked paprika and I will NOT banish anyone today."

Wonder of wonders, I found it immediately afterward.

"The public figured out that the person whose privacy needed the most protection was not the caller, but the recipient."

“Language... is a product of a hegemonic, patriarchal and sexist power. It’s fine to say ‘sirvienta’ but not ‘presidenta.’ ”

"The confrontation made headlines across Argentina and the Spanish-speaking world, marking the first time the gender-neutral language had emerged in many mainstream news outlets."

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