Who has two thumbs and just kicked someone else's e-commerce site into working by the power of sheer persistence and will alone?

This girl.

My daughter: "Well, you ARE an adult."

Me: "In body, at least."

The only thing the Notre Dame situation reminds me of is that we can absolutely fix crushing poverty and marginalization if we wanted to.

We just don't because it makes a handful of old white men wealthier.

(That link is courtesy of Jamethiel in my Discord chatroom. Thanks, J!)

"To have someone come along to sing the praises of how much happier you'd be if you did...the heart-breaking and identity-violating thing that you have been struggling not to do..." siderea.dreamwidth.org/1506632

(Also, there may be vet visits coming up, so if you were looking for a good time to subscribe...)

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Long run with Sir Boxnoggin, bees crawling in my ears, and web work for a client. It's been a busy morning, and the social media sabbatical continues.

I cannot run today, so it's yoga.

The dogs are going to be furious.

That's tomorrow. Tonight, we sneak into Draenor. (It's been months, I figure a month of playing won't hurt if I just mute trade chat, because trade chat is AWFUL.)

4k on THE POISON PRINCE today. I'm almost at the crux point where another character dies, but I need to do a really barbaric scene before I get there, so...

Anyway, two things I quit and don't miss AT ALL are my abusive birth parents and Facebook, AMA.

And that, my darlings, is that. Hugs for everyone who wants them, the blanket fort is right over there, and beverages are along the east wall.

We're going to be fine. I promise.

Family are the people who help and love you, not the people who think you owe them because they did what they should and provided some version of quasi-shelter to a small, helpless human.

Stay away from people who make you feel like you're hard or impossible to love. Let them find victims elsewhere or--here's a thought--let them sit in their own shitty nappies.

So if you ever need "permission" to not-visit or not-answer abusive family members, consider it given. Life is too short to give the gift of your precious self and time to toxic asshats.

I don't have to forgive what those people did to me. I can forgive if I choose, but I will never, ever forget what they showed me when I was helpless and in their power.

That's who they are. Period.

And anyone who moans to me about "forgiveness" gets a hard block, too. Too often douchebags use "forgiveness" as a bludgeon to get you to cooperate in your own abuse, and I will have none of it.

I refuse to subject myself to abusive people just because they "owned" me when I was young and too helpless to leave.

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