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Lili Saintcrow

Goodnight, goodnight, there is nothing to fear, goodnight, goodnight, good night.

Oh my goodness I am completely drunk now and I want to watch a scary movie.

If you hear screaming in the distance, don't worry, it's just me.

Like, Vol'jin was a necessary antidote to Garrosh but he was not, in any way, a Warchief.

I...actually really like this version of Sylvanas. She does not give a single fuck and is dedicated to the survival of the Horde. Which Vol'jin never was.

Oh my goshkies. Gin and limeade goes down REALLY EASILY and I have become a lightweight.

"Peaceful? This bitch has CLEARLY never been to the woods."

I can't decide whether to livetweet an opera or just play some WoW expansion while I wait to see if gin will give me an allergic reaction.

Hey, my drinking Hendricks gin any good?

Almost passed out in the kitchen, combination of the smoky haze and low blood sugar.

That was...unpleasant.

School clothes shopping is accomplished, grocery shopping is accomplished, new bed for Sir Boxnoggin is accomplished. And now I just want to go back to bed.

Well hello there, Wednesday. We're not going to hurt each other, now, are we? [readies flamethrower]

TOP HANDSHAKES OF 2018 (so far)

1) The Double Pumparoonie
2) Lady Finger Dancer
3) Flirtation on Ice
4) Palm Skweeesh
5) The Bone-y Tentacle

I don't know about you folks, but with the rankings as volatile as they've been this year, I'm on the edge of my seat to see where we'll be at year's end.

And that's news... you can /shake/ on!

[surfaces from writing]

[peers at social media]

[retreats, slams door, goes back to writing]

Reminder: You do not ever owe an internet rando the benefit of the doubt. EVER.

There are three trash pandas in our neighbor's big maple, moving about in search of a hide. Must've been an eventful night.

There's a deep drilling ache in my lungs from running in the haze this morning. My eyes are watering, too, even inside.

Just told my agent I'm ready to consider publishing YA again.

*braces self*

Miss B lost her shit in the driveway--there was a passing German shepherd--so she stayed home and Sir Boxnoggin went running with me.

I don't think the lesson will sink in, though.

4k written today. Progress has been made. More is about to occur.

*puts on goggles* INTO THE BREACH, DEAR FRIENDS!