Consequently I have freshened up my Netflix queue, carried home an armful of loot from the library, and--to seal the deal--unlaced my combat boots.

I'm on holiday now, mofos.

If I start working again before Monday I suspect both dogs and kids will mutiny, is what I'm saying. I am under VERY STRICT instructions from both my progeny to "STOP WORKING FOR AT LEAST A DAY MUM" because apparently I am a bit white around the eyes?

...look, I love my work, and two days off was the perfect time to get in all those little tasks that I've been putting off and...

I was supposed to take yesterday and today off after copyedits. Instead, I reformatted several books for MMPB, threw together wrap covers, asked for resizes on other wrap covers, bought ISBNs and...

Man, I picked the wrong administration to stop drinking during.

Librarian recommended Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane stories, since he saw me checking out Conan. I thought I might as well—and am laughing with delight as I read.

The second wrap cover took me less than half as much time as the first, the third even less, and by the fourth I had a system down.

That learning curve is STEEP, yo.

Well, looks like the mass-market edition of STEELFLOWER is up at Amazon.

Man, this is satisfying.

Well, the ISBNs are assigned and the brute work of title setup done in the distributor. Now it's cover wrap time! (Pray for us all...)

I have had dolmas and vinegar crisps, now there is a tankard of tea and ISBNs to assign.

Unrelated: ran both dogs (and myself) hard this morning. They're ready for a nap, I'm ready for...a shower and three PDF wrap covers for the remaining ROADTRIP Z mass-markets.

Sent an email to Vellum customer service and got a prompt, helpful reply within a business day.

Fellow self-pubbers, if you're Mac creatures, Vellum is WELL WORTH the price.

Today I get to run...and set up yet more mass market paperbacks. This experiment is going full-tilt; I only have a few days to get it running before I have to return to other work.

"Since peanut butter was mostly unaffected and the cups were big sellers anyway, it made sense to prioritize manufacturing them."

yet an ordinary, curious cowboy is about to discover the true meaning of fear... in the Twilight Zone.

I'm glad I didn't know, when I was younger, just how mad the world truly is.

Roses are red
My life is a sham
“Go see Pagliacci”
But Doctor, I am

You are an old man on his deathbed, you look around you and see that you are alone before taking your last breath, the heartbeat monitor goes flat and next thing you know you are being woken up for your first day of high school with a note besides you saying "fix what went wrong."
#writingprompts #writing

It’s Valentine’s Day and I have decided to channel Ring Galadriel.


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