In which the window is dark, Boxnoggin is nonplussed, and I can finally begin to live again.

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Finding there are people who like you even at your dorkiest is tremendously healing.

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It is a great gift in one’s life to find people you can trust enough to be vulnerable with. Especially if you were brutalized out of trusting *anyone* as a child.

Apparently I just need to do something else until the Muse gets tired of being ignored and plops the solution right in my lap.

Fortunately there’s no shortage of other tasks.

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#CircusInPlace midweek chat time :D
We'll be doing acro and handstand practice, and I hope to see you there!

I mean, obviously I trust the book over everything else. I just have to figure out how to arrange a few elements. And naturally the goddamn Muse is no help. She’ll wait until I’m doing something else to present the solution.

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Only realized what the problem is during the past hour. The editor says the book is wrong, the book insists it is right.

I’m the dumb bitch in the middle.

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Been slamming my head against this revision all day, to the tune of a measly 200 words.

Some days are like that.

But don’t fret! If Twitch is still misbehaving on Friday, I’ll just do it live on YouTube. (Change is as good as a rest, and all that.)

I’m super sorry about this. Maybe a squirrel chewed a cord somewhere near Bezos’s secret lair.

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And if that’s not enough, my “reading Victorian erotica with a straight face” project is over here.

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Sorry, guys. Due to the Twitch outage, there will be no Reading with Lili today.

If they manage to fix the problem by Friday we’ll do it then. What a bother; I was so excited, and have been preparing for a solid week.

Perhaps relying on Amazon to provide infrastructure (when they are notoriously bad at it, and furthermore fuck up real-world infrastructure by being a greedy billionaire's sucking black hole) is a bad idea.

You can watch on Twitch when it goes live (in a wee bit, still prepping), and it’ll go up on YouTube a day or so afterward. DRACULA, HO!

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I mean, there’s the whole bonkers Henry Irving angle, not to mention the Florence Balcombe and Oscar Wilde thing, Stoker’s friendship with Sheridan Le Fanu—and that’s not even going into the text itself!

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I’m prepping for today’s Reading with Lili. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN talking about Dracula today, my beloveds.

The bluejays are back to screaming in the backyard, after a short mutinous silence when I took Boxnoggin out after lunch.

I believe they are using forthright—indeed, almost unbecoming—language.

They’ve been joined by two robins, a lone female bluejay, and a squirrel who seems very unconcerned at being outnumbered.

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