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Lili Saintcrow

I was just reading about Shanghai taking in Jews fleeing Nazi Germany last night.

Miss B is in Total Bork Mode today. Kids walking past the house? Car door slams somewhere? Bird calls? BORK BORK BORK.

In Middle Ages, the Great Plague had a side effect: it transformed people into zombies. Some years later, three ships coming from America with Mayan crew arrive to the coast of an infected and devastated Europe.
#writingprompts #writing

Now it's time to brush Miss B and roust Odd Trundles for walkies.

Wordcount on HOOD achieved. Guy of Gisbourne is turning into a complex character, Maid Marian is a badass, and I don't like Robin. So...pretty standard.

Now shuffle has served up a bunch of William Topley. Good Lord, how does that voice fit inside that fellow? It's...big.

iTunes shuffle just served up an Anjunadeep compilation, and I'm rocking out in my chair.

"...have profited in the millions, even as the most well-known leaders have been sued for sexual harassment and assault."

Well. Good morning, my dears. So far Monday is quiet, mostly because I haven't opened up social media. *peeks through the door*

She also did a bagpipe cover of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme. It isn't as good, but still, where else are you going to hear Power Rangers on bagpipes, even a weird set with only two drones?

Thunderstorms! I am ecstatic. Miss B is less so. Odd Trundles is oblivious.

There are two ice cream trucks roaming the neighborhood. One is playing "Do Your Ears Hang Low" and the other is playing the Super Mario theme.

The overlap is...jarring.

There is a huge bar of thunderstorms moving in. Guess I should get the dogs walked soon.

Aaaaand cue the first "helpful" mansplainer emailing me to tell me my novella pricing is too high.

Dude, I value my work. *shrug*

So yeah, when I’m the only sober person in a group of high-powered writers, novellas involving body horror, rat shifters, cheese, and apocalypses occur.

I shall never do so again, I reckon. But it was fun.

Tempo run, without Miss B. I’m amazed my fat ass can run like this each time I lace up.

Tiny incremental gains win every damn time.

Guess I've got to write another novella soon, huh.

Holy wow, is it really noon? I should get out for a run.

And Gumroad preorders are now live for Jozzie & Sugar Belle. (Preorders at Kobo, Amazon, and Nook are wending through the system.)