When autocomplete serves up "knuckleduster" in a WIP and you pause, your fingertips on the keys, and mutter "you're not WRONG..."

Guess who’s finally eating their breakfasts?

It’s a good thing I love these little fuzzy bastards.

Just gonna eat cheese and watch NOSFERATU like a champion then, I guess.

Ah, the old "I thought I was recovered, tried to work, and discovered I've hurt myself" dance.

And I was doing so WELL.

(Even today, one of the kids will stop in conversation and go, "BUT WHY AM I NAKED?" or "Some day, Karl... someday..." And we'll all crack up.)

(The kids quoted that at dinner for SIX MONTHS SOLID.)

(I consider Isobel a demigod, actually, which made the whole Karl Barx thing even more hysterical.)

I kind of miss those gaming sessions now that the kids have switched to, well, Switches. And I often feel a bit of guilt for my little Animal Crossing town, fending for itself.

Oddly enough, I never used the 3D function; it made my eyes hurt. But I liked playing games with my kids and the controls were a good size for my wee hands.

The kids love their Switches, they loved their PS4 and their Wii, but I only ever got to know and like the 3DS.

It's still the only handheld console I've ever used. My entire life I've liked playing on a desktop better.

My kids talked me into getting a 3DS for myself. We all played Animal Crossing together, visiting each others' towns. tedium.co/2020/01/16/nintendo-

"Legend has it that when Yankee forces arrived two days later to occupy the town, they found just one white man remaining in Beaufort, and he was dead drunk." resilience.org/stories/2018-11

"While “haint blue” has taken on a life of its own outside the Gullah Geechee tradition...the significance of the color to the descendents of the Lowcountry’s enslaved people still remains." atlasobscura.com/articles/what

Hm. Even if the editor who wanted me to do a(nother) Baba Yaga story doesn't want this one, I might finish it anyway. (In all my copious spare time. Sigh.)

Also, feeling SUPER less murder-y now that I've had some coffee. Whew.

...I learned a lot writing those books, and they got me agented. It's nice to see they're still around.

A little bird tells me they might take the next in the series, FINDER'S WATCHER, and it might come out later this year, so if you're looking to see if the series is to your tastes, now's a good time!

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