However, I am too old for all-nighters anymore, so I'll just halt and continue tomorrow.

Adulting sucks.

A grand total of 4K on Incorruptible today, I guess. I'm having to break to make dinner, but I don't want to. I want to keep galloping until it's done.

Nevertheless, it's not a comforting feeling, even though I know I'm only a day or two away from the big push to finish the damn thing.

Buckle in, everyone. I'm about to start complaining that this book will not die...

2.4K on Incorruptible today, and have just reached the beginning of the big chase scene. I feel like this book is a failure, which generally happens around the 50K mark, so I'm right on schedule.

An old west saloon that ordered a revolving door by mistake. Every argumentative goldbug getting 86ed gets hurled out, comes right back in.

Gang of bad guys wants to approach en masse to intimidate the white hatted good guy but have to line up single file, keep their intimidating frowns fixed 'til the door wheels them through and they can press in behind their black hatted leader.

Rubes from outta town pressing the wrong way. "Guess they's closed," while the whole bar laughs.

Me: "You are spoiled little brats."


Me: "That's fair."



I may have to leave the house today.

Brace yourselves.

"When regular retail is doing poorly, the Halloween store is in a position to do really well."

I'm awake, I have coffee, but I'm not allowed to run today.

Nothing's perfect.

I was taught not to enforce my boundaries from a very young age. It was a difficult lesson to learn in adulthood; I'm glad she's already there.

Me: "What the hell did X mean by that?" (X is a person who has Behaved Badly.)
The Princess: "Fuck if I know. Don't care either."
Me: "I am so proud of you."

(I did not expect to ever type that sentence, let alone post it publicly, but life is full of amazing things.)

FEATHERS HAVE BEEN DEPLOYED. We have a fallen-angel sex scene. Repeat, we have a fallen-angel sex scene.

I was uninterested in writing this sex scene until I figured out I wanted to flip gender expectations and throw in feathers.

Finally got these stupid characters to kiss. It only took 46K words and a fight on a moving truck to do it. All in all, a good day's work.

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