ohgods six minutes in when the guitar starts crying

*snivels in harmony*

Okay. One more time through Riviera Paradise and I'll be taking my silly self to bed, I promise.

...yep. There it is. Good old reliable ugly crying over Stevie Ray, four minutes in.




(Sweet Jesus but Riviera Paradise always makes me cry. Always.)

Oh dear

I'm looking for Stevie Ray Vaughan videos

stop me before I...

Dancing with a little bit of sparring. Because that line is so close for both of them.

No worries, I'm just over here shooting music videos inside my head.

I want a slow scene of Jill and Saul dancing to that track, my goodness.

So many covers of this song. So many delicious, angsty, beautiful covers.

And cookies.

Fallen into a hole of "I Would Rather Go Blind" and now have the urge to sob into fresh cookies.

Yeah, my kids are making cookies. It's sobs of joy.

Etta James covering "Purple Rain" is...gosh golly. Wow.

Relevant to Patreon's recent structural changes, you can also subscribe to the Fiction Fix over on Gumroad!

New fiction first, plus rants, excerpts, and whatever else falls out of my head.... gumroad.com/l/ZkOcr

I'll stop soon, I promise, but also I'm really bitter about Drip never opening to the vast mass of creatives but people patting Kickstarter on the back anyway.


@lilithsaintcrow They might not stop even then since they have VC investors they have to make happy.

And honestly? I can't see Patreon ever getting better, because they are locked in with their venture capital bedfellows. This is what that company IS.

For now, Gumroad is transparent, reasonable and not locked to a cycle of "we and our stockholders are greedy, let's take advantage of our userbase in whatever way we can!" like Patreon is.

If Patreon knew that they absolutely had a major competitor they might stop trying to soak creatives, but we're NEVER going to forget how Patreon acted when they were the only game in town.

If that changes, I'll be out here banging the tin pan and calling Gumroad to account. For right now, I honestly believe fellow creatives, espeically Patreon ones, should diversify with Gumroad.

Part of the reason I advocate for Gumroad instead of Patreon is because Gumroad's CEO appears that rarity--a CEO who can actually LEARN FROM MISTAKES. medium.com/s/story/reflecting-

I just can't even with this new Patreon bullshit. I'd've left the platform ages ago if not for the convenience of several of my Readers.

I'm going for a run.

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