"Ultimately I am suggesting that a better way of thinking about patriarchy is as emotional manipulation." fwsablog.org.uk/2016/08/25/the

I can't decide if that noise is a neighbor grinding metal or the wind.

It's time for bed.

His dopey, happy, goofy self is now on full display, andwe're the lucky ones because he is ours FOREVER.

Lord Boxnoggin has just now decided, in the past few days, that he can relax. It's like he was afraid we'd send him back, poor baby.

There are strange noises coming from the library roof.

700 words on the Hansel and Gretel Kung Fu Cannibalism story.

It's good to be back.

Old Navy bootcut yoga pants, oh my goodness, thank the heavens.

And now, to make today even better, there's LUNCH!

Lunch is a great goddamn invention.

It takes a long time--years, maybe even decades--but you can bet when karma hits I'm smiling that Morticia Addams smile and thanking my lucky stars I took the goddamn high road.

In short, I am laughing, sipping tea, and pressing the "send all these emails into the BOX OF SHAME unanswered until the death of the sun" button.

And it feels GREAT.

I may forgive, as is my prerogative.

But I do not ever forget.

I will unlimber my blade and lay waste--but if you take advantage of that, all bets are off.

Related: I will go to the mattresses for a friend, without question.

Someone who attempts to take advantage of that is not my friend.

One of the pieces of advice I give the newly published is, "Now you'll find out who among your friends really is happy for you. Brace yourself."

It kind of boggles the mind, how people who were fucking terrible to me for years suddenly volte-face and get all gooey-sweet wanting me to do things for them.

Seriously, that was back in what, 2004-2005? Or before?

But I have not forgotten what you did, and I am not inclined to smooth your way now.

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