Me: “I’m gonna take the day completely off since that project’s done, just gonna relax and—“

Internet: *goes down*


And now it’s back to revision until I can bear it no longer and must stagger to bed.

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The Princess is considering lemon Greek yoghurt next, just to see if it’ll get the crumb the way she wants it. I, of course, have no objection.

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The lemon poundcake experiments continue. Tonight’s variation was with Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream; it added a nice tang.

Only twenty-nine chapters left to revise.

Did I mention this book is a great bloody beast?




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Also also also me: Clearly the solution is another nice big cuppa Irish Breakfast. CLEARLY.

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Me: This morning’s coffee was very strong, and I am feeling a little jittery.

Also me: I should make a nice cuppa to go with this toast.

Also also me: Why am I having palpitations? It’s a mystery!

One of the rules for the Roadrunner cartoons is “The coyote could stop at ANY TIME.”

I think about that a LOT.

Character’s response: “Well, I’m not in the business of saving the world anymore either, but life isn’t listening, now is it?”

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Dear Character, Now is not the time to start talking to me. I already have more work than I can handle.

Why do I have the deep irresistible urge to listen to the Postal Service on repeat? WHY?

“It’s an uncommon stance, at a time when writers are expected to sell their image as much as their work and even translators are clamoring for recognition.”

Instead I’m going to finish my coffee, look over the day’s revision work, and cry.

Gotta have achievable goals.

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Was about to do a whole thread about the “we MUST reopen the SCHOOLS” thing but… not today, Satan.

Not today.

Goodnight, beloveds. May you be starting the weekend in the way you like best.

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But for now, I get to fall into bed, content with having done my best today.

It’s a sweet feeling, and a comfort.

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But then, what does one expect of the third in a monstrous epic fantasy series?

At least it’ll be finished.

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