“Nape of the neck” is like “ATM machine” or “Rio Grande River”. It’s one of my little pet peeves in text.

Four days left in the Free Agent February giveaway! kingsumo.com/g/ebtdq3/free-age (You can enter multiple times, if you like.)

But for now, I have to put everything back in the box, walk away, and let it ferment in darkness.

Folding laundry isn’t as fun as dreaming, but fortunately I can dream with my hands occupied.

You can’t help it when the baby wants to be born. But I have to finish SONS first and get HOOD’s Season Three off the ground.

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Just typed the phrase “Baba at the party, marking gods for death,” and felt the frisson up my spine.

Even if I never publish it, I’m going to write this damn book.

I am home now, and the library had a new Bernie Gunther novel, and so my evening is sorted. Plus some dear eldest child of mine brought home Girl Scout cookies.

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Good heavens, everyone out in public wanted to chat me up today. Maybe it’s the sunshine falling upon their phrenological organs of Small Talk.

Who’s enjoying a well-earned chew after a hard run and obedience training?

This guy.

And now it’s time for a run with Sir Boxnoggin Butterbutt, Lord van Der Sploot. I suspect this will be, by far, the most enjoyable part of the day.

In other words, America is not more racist than ever. Technology has thrown sunshine on *what was already there*.

We’re seeing how far the rot extends.

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The biggest truth in this article is in the second to last paragraph, to wit: “When they were lied to, they chose to believe it.” Therein lies Mango Mussolini’s appeal.

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Reality has a liberal bias, so these people want to make you doubt it. In Orwell’s words, it is Republicans’ “final, most essential command.”

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From the article:“Beyond Facebook, the campaign is also investing in a texting platform that could allow it to send anonymous messages directly to millions of voters’ phones without their permission.”

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From the article: “…“with the right kind of nudges,” people who exhibited certain psychological characteristics could be pushed into ever more extreme beliefs and conspiratorial thinking.“

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“Using a massive trove of data…without users’ consent—Cambridge Analytica…began experimenting with ways to stoke paranoia and bigotry by exploiting certain personality traits.” theatlantic.com/magazine/archi

“Whether you can trick a lipreader into confusing the words “ball” and “bull” is not reflective of real-world accuracy…” atlasobscura.com/articles/lipr

“They help complicate the widely held French faith that the country’s rural areas hold some kind of true and unsullied national identity.” theparisreview.org/blog/2020/0

In other news, it’s National Margarita Day and Christ I wish I could still drink.

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