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Lili Saintcrow

Well, I’m vertical. I just couldn’t stay in bed any longer.

800 words of a betrothal ceremony, and a phone call informing me the dishwasher will, barring fire flood or Act of God, be delivered and installed on Monday.

I feel ridiculously like I've finally won one small battle this week.

Couldn't remember the word "postern" for a good twenty minutes of sitting, staring, and googling "various medieval gates."

I'm playing the Doors box set, and Odd Trundles has decided "LA Woman" needs his accompaniment.

Odd Trundles has had his walk, and is now fractious and cranky as a tired toddler.

Update: It is possible to look at more Oreos and not want a single one.

*feels slightly sick*

Not too long ago someone was shouting into the void about how crappy Audacity is, and wanted to know if there's any other free audio editing software out there.

I don't remember who, but if you catch this toot, SONAR (incredible software) has been rebranded back to Cakewalk, and it's free.


every flipped tarot card featuring a shadowy figure, wreathed in swords, dripping coins, approaching, approaching, until your finger on the card's edge feels its hand pushing through the image's plane, before you've even flipped the card, helping you reveal the final image

The Princess brought home MEGA-STUF OREOS. We were going to save them for tonight, but then we looked at each other and laughed and laughed and laughed...

Today's run: two bees and a dragonfly, all hitching rides at different times.

I'm a goddamn Totoro bus for pollinators.

"That’s the basis of our job: what do you want and how are you going to say it?”

Women's labor--in every sense of the word--is persistently undervalued or non-valued. From creating new consumers to the vast weight of service and emotional labor, women don't just drive the economy but make the economy POSSIBLE.

"It’s as if these debilitating ailments aren’t ailments at all, but just the price you’re expected to pay for having a child."

Rolled out of bed at 6:30am because the Little Prince's alarm had been going since 6.

He's going to tell me he wasn't up late sneaking YouTube videos.

I'm going to say "Okay..." and make the I Don't Believe You face.

Then his conscience will torment him and he will confess later today.

And now I'm shaky and my fingers are strips of ice. Plus, my eyelid is twitching.

Definitely best to eat something before I go back to work. Writing takes physical energy, my fellow wordsmiths. Take care of your corpus.

It doesn't matter which federating software is better.  Not even Crom will remember the good software from the bad.  What matters is that those few stood against the big corporate social networks and their many.

A bare 1200 words on Maiden's Blade today, and none at all for other projects except Hell's Acre.

Considering I had several outside-the-house errands to run, it's not bad, but not ideal. I suppose I should come back to it after dinner. *sigh*