“Like a certain London television executive 165 years later, Sacher-Masoch quit his safe day job to become a saucy writer.” lithub.com/centuries-before-fi

“Since the start of the pandemic, criminals across America have exploited Marketplace to commit armed robberies and, in 13 instances identified by ProPublica, homicide.” propublica.org/article/faceboo

every once in a while people suggest the best thing to do is get rid of female coded words and just go with male coded words.

"lets get rid of actress, and everyone can an actor."

why dont we get rid of actor and everyone can be an actress? oh because that makes a lot of people uncomfortable? funny that.


Give to a good cause. Get a unique book. Screw over the leading bidder.


I should be working, but I can barely stay awake. Maybe a nap in the sun is called for.

Excuse me, the strings just came in and I have to find a lighter to wave.

And then, to bed.

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I hate only being able to work at a quarter of my usual productivity. If rest is what it takes to get my accustomed speed and precision back, then I will (mutinously) rest.

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But for now, I’m gonna listen to Kansas’s “Dust in the Wind” a couple times, then slither-stagger to bed.

Today’s been chock-full of nostalgia and physical misery. I figure that’s an appropriate closer.

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Tomorrow I’ll shift to SHE’S FLEEING A BYRONIC HERO, because the Baroness won’t leave me alone. She is a demanding sort.

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Today has been oddly productive, even though I’ve been focusing through waves of exhaustion. 2.5k on HELL’S ACRE, and the sparks are flying.

Not much is as soul-healing as settling to work a bit on a Friday evening….and hearing the music queue serve up the first bars of “Purple Rain” as the sun begins to set.

The iTunes queue just served up “Silent Lucidity” and suddenly I’m a teenager again, driving in cold monsoon rain and humming along while clove smoke drifts.

Oh, nostalgia. A sweet piercing pleasure indeed.

Oh, we’ll have some warm days—it’s 87F right now, matter of fact—but the nights are growing chill and the rains will return Sunday.

I can’t wait.

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The dogs are extremely clingy this afternoon. I blame the weather; the wind has shifted, and summer’s back is broken.

browser extension that replaces every instance of "cancel culture" with "consequences of my actions"

BUT YES I DO HAVE TO GET TO WORK. Stop being so kind, funny, engaging, and interesting, you people! Sheesh!

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Today the internet has been a source of joy and hope.

I’d almost forgotten what that felt like, frankly. It’s a welcome event.

The feeling when a fellow author one has spent years respecting and looking up to emails one out of the blue.

Whew, gonna go hyperventilate now.

No only that, but the third and final season of my “Robin Hood—IN SPACE!” serial is out in the wild as well. lilithsaintcrow.com/2021/09/re

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