Bryn Terfel’s growing on me in this recording too! His voice has a very distinct color in this performance, somewhere between dark amber and old honey, and I like his consonants.

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I will say that while Pisaroni is the best Leporello, Renee Fleming as Donna Anna in this recording is growing on me. I like the fury she brings to Anna’s part.

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(The best Leporello is still Luca Pisaroni. I cannot be swayed from this opinion.)

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Have switched to opera for the afternoon. Don Giovanni, come on down!

In which the dogs are early, a story is blooming, and I cannot look past my garden gate.

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And why am I seeing said sunrise, you might ask? Because the damn dogs are morning people, ergo, I have been rousted from my bed.

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The sunrise is positively bloody. Sailors, take warning.

A whole chapter dragged, unwilling word by resisting word, out of my cortex. Now a few throwaway lines on the next and then…I shift to another project and repeat the process.

You’d think it would get easier, but some days it’s like chipping granite with a toothpick.

I had thought to have this zero done by the end of August but…that’s not going to happen. Especially not with copyedits landing.

Ah well. Live and learn.

Am *thisclose* to dunking an Earl Grey bag in my afternoon espresso, just to see what happens.

I am a monster, I know. But I’m also a lot of fun.

Today’s office jam is Xploding Plastix’s “Dizzy Blonde.” I feel like I should be on a unicycle.

(Neither I nor the wasp were injured, due to a rather fantastic critical dex roll on my part.)

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Last but not least, a full complement of bees accompanied me. I was not quite the center of a moving cloud, but I was greeted several times and almost swallowed a wasp.

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At least everyone is practicing a modicum of social distancing, though I’m sure my expression and pace helped them grok I was not in the mood for contact.

It’s the little things.

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