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If you felt yourself physically relax today, you're also gonna be super tired.

This is normal. Stay hydrated. Eat well. Let yourself get that extra sleep your body is gonna ask for.

Take care of yourself so we can help each other recover and build.

I know there’s a shit-tonne of work to do. I’m aware the fight isn’t nearly over. But I just… I need a minute, okay? I just need a single breath.

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Walked to the grocer’s, returned, now I get to take a shower and an edible and sit in my feelings for the rest of the day.

There’s… a lot of feelings.

No matter the relief, no matter the tears, the dogs must still be walked, the children hugged and comforted. My heart is full and pained at once.

Please use healthy coping mechanisms liberally today. :cyber_heart_sparkle_purple:

Tomorrow, I fight. I push and drag and smack folks that need smacking.

Today, let out the breath I've been holding for four years.

It was not until the poetry that I began to breathe again.

Thank you.

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Poetry makes the fine hairs stand up, and this lady is serving it beautifully. I have chills.

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...gods damn it, I have never cried at Garth Brooks but now I am.

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Still not gonna have any unity with fascists though. No matter what.

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So much lost. So many lost. So much waste. We made it. Not all of us, but we made it. May we honor those who did not, finally mourn, and make sure that hateful bullshit never, ever happens again.

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I’m sobbing as I attempt to type this. The relief is overwhelming.

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I’m on tenterhooks. Please just get them both sworn in so we can all sing with relief.

...I do always have time for JLo, though.

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