I have had reason lately to remind myself of this particular fact, and now I'm reminding you.

From way back in 2015, "The fact that you were taken in doesn’t prove you’re somehow less. It means an empty douchebag wanted to feed on you because you are more." lilithsaintcrow.com/2015/12/we

I encourage you to visit Ms Loke's Patreon and throw a few bucks in, if you've got 'em. patreon.com/charisloke

This was deliberate, and deliberately encouraged, being a feature of mapmaking in several stages. To-scale was not necessarily what many maps needed or mapmakers wanted, in many historical eras.

Close readers will notice not only the seals of different characters, but also that certain geographical figures are sized according to importance, not actual geographical size.

The gorgeous map in THRONE OF THE FIVE WINDS is courtesy of the marvellous artist Charis Loke. She talks about it here: instagram.com/p/B34iZTYjw8o/?i

Gonna be offline for a while yet, I think. My heart still hurts.

Those mornings when you open up your email and your first thought is "what the fuck happened in here?"

Thank you for all the well wishes. The kids and I are most grateful.

I'm gonna be quiet for a while; the weekend was a little brutal.

In which se say goodbye, and I dig a grave in the rain. Again. (I spend an inordinate amount of time doing so.)

Please, none of that rainbow bridge business. Just...kind thoughts, please.

Our 19yo Fearless!Cat--She Who Fights Raccoons--is doing very poorly. She's very ready to go; the Princess is devastated.

Kind thoughts are very welcome right now to ease her passing.

Come to scenic ANTI-SALEM where the food is fine, the weather clement, and our legal system is managed by friendly witches!

Sure, there's the occasional show trial where property is seized from someone accused of not answering the Devil's DMs and emails, or a person of means is chucked into a pond to prove nothing-at-all, but there's plenty for tourists to do.

I don't know what I did to deserve such bliss. There was even homemade sauerkraut.

There were pierogi I didn't have to cook OR clean up after cooking.


The cedars are dancing on a cold wet wind and the Princess is making pierogi for dinner.

Friday's turning out pretty spiffy.

...thanks, astrology app, for giving me even MORE publishing-based neurosis. Thanks ever so much.

Spotify just served up Tom Lehrer and then Rickrolled me, so... that's how today is going.

I have had a run and done a few good deeds for the world at large, and consequently need to ice my foot but no longer hate everything.


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