Suddenly feeling all right about things for the first time in a long while.

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Hearing your beloved agent say, “I can’t put it down” is one of the best damn feelings in the WORLD.

Related: Boxnoggin tried to eat a hank of my hair this morning while his nose was in my ear, and it didn’t end well for either of us.

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One of my valuable life skills is being able to tie my shoes with a dog’s wet nose stuck firmly inside my ear.

I mean, I’d prefer a talent in munitions, but we work with what we’re given, right?

“Browne, who later became famous for pioneering the study of pop culture at the university level… wrote that the “holler” was both functional and expressive, almost like a Alpine yodel.”

“…vulnerabilities in KensingtonWorks are most likely to be useful for targeted attacks on key victims who are known to use the application ahead of time.”

Some days the only thing dragging me out of bed is the fact that coffee exists and I can have some.

Now I get to go to bed and brace myself to write an imperial banquet OF DEATH tomorrow.

…some days this job is pretty sweet. Even as everything burns.

And that’s ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES, a comfort-watch blast from the past. And remember, kiddos, a passionate love affair is within your reach.

*Be your own Gomez.*

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Wednesday and Joel were my relationship goals for a long while. “She wasn’t sick. She was sloppy.”

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Debbie’s slide show. I am HOWLING.


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“I lived in shame! AND THE SUBURBS!”

Christopher Lloyd, man. Who couldn’t love Fester?

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“I’ll never forget you.”

“You won’t?”

“You’re too weird.”


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My daughter, in tones of patent logic and quiet truth: “The thing about the Addamses is that they would have been perfectly fine with Debbie if she’d just BEEN HERSELF!”

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“Your husband is a very lucky man.”

“Don’t SAY that!”


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