So back in 2016 I finished writing a book about where I saw this whole thing going. It went on sale last year.

I mention this because a friend was just talking to me about the book in chat and also because...well, this is about how I thought things would go, my friends.

I feel kind of bad about this, because I was terrified the book was going to make right-wing assholes come after my publisher.

Instead, it...sank like a stone, and I feel somehow like I failed my publisher and the whole world by not making my warning clear, vivid, GOOD enough.

Arrogant of me? Maybe. But I still feel bad about it, and of all my books, that one had the WORST publishing luck. Everything that COULD go wrong, DID.

The funny thing is, if I was a neckbeard douchebro, I would have had no compunction about marketing or telling everyone they missed my book. Instead I sat back and waited for the world to find me.

Oh, for the self-confidence of a mediocre white dudebro!

But, to get to the point...things will not get better, and are about to get a whole lot worse, because the fascists are in power and trashing everything they can reach.

The sheer amount of repair work once we get those shitheads into jail is mind-boggling, and I'm not sure its preconditions (jailing said shitheads) will ever be met.

Anyway, today I'm exhausted, so much seems like it's going wrong, and the task before us is daunting, hope you didn't expect a ringing conclusion, the end.

@lilithsaintcrow I hope you manage to get some good rest. Fighting the good fight to try to keep things from falling too far, and to repair the damage after, is going to be a slog and we're going to need all the energy we can get <3

@hummingrain I don't know. I'm getting to the point where I think, what's the point? Someone's just going to come behind me and fuck everything up.

@lilithsaintcrow That's why we have to have someone watching our back. Though that's hard on a country level.

America should have pulled a Superman and give Batman (Canada) some kryptonite. "If we go fascist, take us down before we can do too much damage!"

I'm not sure what America's kryptonite would be, though... :\

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