I've been seduced into watching James Nesbit in the BBC's "Jekyll" again.

No regrets. Nesbitt does calm, cheerful menace on a par with Perry.

"Love is a psychopath." Which pretty much sums up Perry. What demons love, they destroy, and he both loved and aimed to destroy Jill.

He wanted to consume her, as any black hole hungers for the star that can fill its craving.

It was my writing partner who gave me that gift--"what demons love, they destroy"--back when I was first writing Japhrimel. The first gift among many.

In Perry's mind, he was the only one, indeed uniquelly qualified, to give Jill peace from her own demons. That Saul did so instead was something he could never forgive.

Japhrimel, on the other hand...well, his very nature can only cause Danny pain, no matter how much he wishes otherwise.

@lilithsaintcrow Yes! I haven't seen it for years but that series has stuck with me. 😁

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