Considering dropping a whole chunk o'cash on ISBNs.

Man, publishing is weird.

I mean, I have several ISBNs left, but maybe I should get more if I'm looking to have mass-market editions of several self-pubbed books? Hrm.

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@lilithsaintcrow As a librarian who recently had to deal with a publisher reusing ISBNs across several titles from the '70s-'90s, I know some people who would be grateful for this down the road.

@snipejaeg What do we want? PROPER ISBNs! When do we want them? FOR ETERNITY, GODDAMMIT!

@lilithsaintcrow I was so surprised when I found out how much ISBNs cost! Worth it, to me, to be able to list books on Not-Amazon, but still. (Of course, this is for the moment still theoretical. But I have a couple niche books I want to get out there.)

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