I am now curious. The roster of mealtimes in our house runs thus: breakfast, elevenses, lunch, teatime, dinner, and if dinner is very early or one is up late, supper.

What's it like where you live?

Of course, I often skip elevenses and supper is an odd instead of habitual event. But, hobbit-like, I make sure every guest knows the routine and when they can expect formal nourishment.


Breakfastly... because it's fast.

Lunch, 2n, dinner, micro dinner

@lilithsaintcrow Breakfast, lunch, dinner, possibly a small snack before bedtime if I’m hungry enough that it would make it hard to fall asleep. I sleep in on the weekends so it's usually brunch and dinner then.

@lilithsaintcrow Elevenses, afternoon snack, supper, bedtime snack.


Eat whatever you can lay hands on between catastrophes. Today, it was a protein shake & some mini muffins.

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