Jesus fucking Christ now it's They Might Be Giants and I have a flannel button-up tied around my waist again.

Remember that? No outfit was complete without thermal shirt, jeans, flannel button-up tied at the waist, and MOTORCYCLE JACKET.

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@thegibson The great thing about adulthood is that you can afford a sassy one now.


I had the standard motorcycle jacket as a teen early 20's... loved that fucking thing.

Then I had an engineer's bike jacket... secretly thought I was channeling some alternate Han Solo...

Now I have no leather jacket, because it is exceedingly hard to Find a good one anymore.

@thegibson Remember that one store at the mall that had leather goods? What was it, Wilson's? OMG.

A neighbor kid stole my leather jacket when I was out of high school. Little asshole. I was glad when the police carted him away. (Years later, unrelated. No, really, super unrelated.)


Wilson's had good product...

Both my jackets came from there... good heavy leather... legitimate body armor up until firearms.

Felt good on the shoulders too... had good weight.


Holy crap, there is a Wilson's 20 minutes from me that I didn't know about...


Alright, well while you are testing it out, see if you can conjure up an Aladdin's Castle... I suspect your powers are limited to long lost mall brands.


@thegibson If I had any real power I'd bring back Waldenbooks in every. damn. mall.

@lilithsaintcrow @TheGibson

it's not happening quite as well or as fast as I'd like, but after the forest fire of big chain bookstores killed a lot of the small independents, others seem to be popping up again like brave little seedlings through ash

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