I feel like Kim Basinger grabbing Jack Nicholson's lapels and breathing, ""

@lilithsaintcrow So, you feel like you're flattering a homicidal madman who has you in his power so that you can buy time to escape or be rescued?

@lilithsaintcrow Actually, I feel like one of the henchmen. I know the guy in purple might gun me down or gas me to death for any reason, and at any time. But if I try to escape he'll hunt me down. And the other crazy dude will beat the shit out of me just because I chose the wrong line of work and the wrong boss. So I'm screwed no matter what.

@starbreaker "Gentlemen, let's broaden our minds. Lawrence?" Or, the ever-classic, "Bob? Gun."

Yeah, the henchmen always get the worst deal.

@lilithsaintcrow Well, to be honest I should have used "flunkies". More inclusive, you know?

@starbreaker It's been a while since I've seen a female flunky get any real airtime, though. Patriarchy bites ass, but I guess it saves the ladies from that particular tiny hassle. *snork*

@lilithsaintcrow @starbreaker

Joker And The Flunkettes is the joke I should have tried dammit


@sydneyfalk @starbreaker You got there first, though. I wasn't quite quick enough. Well played!

@lilithsaintcrow @starbreaker

Egh, getting there first is overrated. Edison may have New York's electric company named after him but we all know he was a greedy thieving prick now.

You Tesla'd the joke before I could, and that's probably the better move. ^_^

(but thank you regardless!)

@sydneyfalk @starbreaker "Joker and the Flunkettes", before Harley stops letting him take the spotlight...

@starbreaker @sydneyfalk Motion carried. *bangs gavel* Session adjourned, folks. We have our orders, let's get to work.

@lilithsaintcrow @starbreaker

:curtsey: I appreciate the vote of confidence, and I will take that as a sign to get my ass back to my WIP list! ^_^ ❤️

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