So I watched the death scene, and it pissed me off just as much as I expected it to. Really, GoT isn't a show, it's a catalog of how to brutalize women in Renaissance LARP drag.

Is there a single brutalization Dany doesn't suffer, is there a single moment of a woman's pain that doesn't put the male reaction front and center, in that entire goddamn show/series?


The whole thing is super gross and I'm glad my entire experience of it for years has been short YouTube clips.

How many great non-misogynistic non-rape-fests could we have had for what was spent on that bullshit? MANY.

It's just...gross. The sequels are going to be incel/gamerboi catnip. The whole thing is just...gross. It's the only word that applies.

Anyway, I'm glad that's over, can we please throw all those resources at non-rapefest stuff next time?

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