Facebook destroys everything it touches. It needs to be treated like a public utility and regulated. So does Twitter.

@lilithsaintcrow Given that it destroys everything it touches, maybe it needs to be treated like an existential threat to civilisation and dealt with as such.

@flussence Except the company (or companies) that came along to profit off the business model afterward would likely be even worse!

@lilithsaintcrow They might be a little more mindful of their externalities after seeing the corporate carcass that came before them.

@lilithsaintcrow Me neither. I don't really see Facebook being put out of our misery any time soon. It definitely won't be a quick and clean change if it is.

@flussence @lilithsaintcrow Careful what you wish for. How are we, collectively, "dealing with" climate change, another clear existential threat to civilization?

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