Miss B and I were nearly run over by a child on a bicycle.

Of course, said child is from a house festooned with Trump slogans, and so did not bother to apologize, or even pause.

Yes, I know where the Trump voters in the neighborhood are. It's impossible not to, really. I remember the last election cycle, too.

Anyway, I was extremely unsurprised by the young man's entitlement and lack of decency. He's being raised to run over women and their dogs on the sidewalk without even a glance.

Apples not far from trees, and by their works ye shall know them, and all that.

On another day I might have scolded said young man, but who knows what firearms a Fanta-worshipping fascist has in his house?

If there's a disaster, you bet your ass I'm not helping those people. Now, the house across the street with a "This is a UNION HOUSE" sign and a Little Free Library--they're who I'll save.

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