@lilithsaintcrow I have Google Calendar reminders for a variety of dates starting in 2021.

I'm happy to relicense everything and anything for a modest fee, of course.

@lilithsaintcrow @mwlucas

What’s that old saying? “train your employees well enough that they can leave but treat them well enough that they won’t”.

Or something like that. Seems like a variation on the theme.

@Skypilot @lilithsaintcrow Also known as "it's been 35 years, folks, throw me a friggin' bone!"

@mwlucas I'm just agog at the studios trying to lay this as some sort of "we're David and the writers are Goliath" thing. The sheer effrontery takes my breath away. @Skypilot

@lilithsaintcrow @Skypilot Never underestimate the selfish sociopathy of a big corporation.

I need to get me one of them big corporations, to be sociopathic for me!

@mwlucas I know. I'm in the wrong line of work. *sigh* It would be so much more remunerative to just not have a conscience. @Skypilot

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