" I am here against my will. My family did not put me here, and they do not know where I am. They did not sign a contract, and they are not paying for me to be here."

“See the guy over there? In the green shorts?” Alejandro pointed to a young man named Santiago. “I had to grab him from his bed...because his mom paid [the pastor for] us to do it.”

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“It’s what I have to do to eat better, to sleep a little longer, so I can get a shower here... Hunting is why the pastor keeps me here. The pastor hunts me because I hunt for him.”

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And before you start telling me "love the sinner, hate the sin" or "they're not REAL Christians", I'm just gonna say this:

By their works shall ye know them.

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@thegibson Recovering Catholic who used to invite the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses in, feed them, and quote Scripture back at them for hours, right here.

@thegibson ...they stopped coming after a while. Especially the Mormons. I was just making too large of a dent, I guess.


I used to do the same thing, but at the door... inviting them in made me worry about vampires.

@thegibson I'll take a vampire over a propaganda-crazed human any day. At least vampires have RULES.

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