Wait, so ChiZine gets government grants and STILL doesn't pay their authors? Where is the money going, then?

(I mean, we can probably GUESS where the money's going, can't we.)

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Also, Sanford's reporting is excellent, and I really recommend throwing a few bucks in his Patreon.

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@lilithsaintcrow durnit, we had been supporting chizine with occasional purchases with no idea whatsoever that they were just eating the money and not forwarding it on to the authors and other staff

thank you for bringing this to our attention, we can just like. send money directly to the authors in many cases these days.

@chimericalgirls Apparently they've been gaslighting authors and employees for a long time, and nobody spoke up because everyone thought they were the only one. So... nobody outright knew until people started talking recently.

This is distressingly common in publishing, alas.


I find this whole thing baffling and horrifying. Who works for seven months without pay? How does this happen? How have they gotten away with this for so long?

This whole industry... well, you're not an emojo sort, but I gotta say :guillotine::flan_stick::trebuchet::flan_molotov:

@mwlucas I think a lot of it comes from the prevailing sentiment that publishers are doing writers a FAVOR instead of profiting off them, frankly.

And I still fall prey to that, sadly. The constant abuse takes its toll and primes one for MORE abuse.


I've turned into a hard-nosed business person, fiendishly protecting my rights.

And I still fall prey to The Dream of Being The Big Author Backed By A Big Publisher.

We'd have better luck working towards our own herd of riding dragons. I mean, with genetic engineering big burny flappy lizards could actually be, you know, a *thing.*

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