I am squeezing my knees together and doing frantic internet searches to see if there's a copy anywhere I can get my hot little hands on, because Reasons.

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My occult library is rather well-packed, but there's always room for one more useful (or beautiful) work.

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Wait! I forgot I get a B&N discount because I sprang for membership last time I was in there.


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@thegibson As soon as I have a spare $50 I am going to possess it utterly, yesssss, my preciousssssss.

@lilithsaintcrow :flan_hearts:

Let us know what you think.

Also, it says "2nd edition." Which is technically true, yes, but I still laughed.

@mwlucas As Ritchie Tozier often said, you've gotta get your chucks where you can.

I should reread IT, it's the right time of year. I'll skip the gangbang scene, though.

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