Can we talk about how in the most recent Narnia movies, Susan already has to enlist her siblings to help her escape males who think they're entitled to her attention because she's attractive?

Misogyny just can't stop telling on itself, in life or in fiction.

She's a literal child and is having to fend off adnvacnes, and the way it's written, she's had to do it so many times before it's old hat, but her male siblings are largely oblivious?

"Pretend you're talking to me," Susan says. "I AM talking to you," Edmund says, aggrieved, while the male Susan's trying to escape (since he wouldn't take a soft no) bears down on them?

And as if that isn't enough, the end of the movie has the male who wouldn't take a soft no right outside the train doors and it's played for a laugh?

While Susan wasn't allowed to stay in Narnia because she was developing breasts and really liked Ben Barnes's Caspian? The one time she has a preference, she's punished?

Anyway, we're out of milk so I've to leave the house soon, but that just occurred to me. I've been thinking about Susan Pevensie a LOT lately.

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