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@lilithsaintcrow I am so feeling that first sentence.

Been meaning to ask, though: how do you do the rotating book covers with links? Is that a WP plugin, or something custom? (Or is it your awesome web designer's doing, and you just smile and say "cool"?)

@mwlucas It's the Nivo Slider WP plugin. I had a different slider plugin that wouldn't work, and Nivo isn't perfect, but it does the most of what I want for the least trouble.

@mwlucas I think I actually paid for Nivo because the other slider I was using was just. so. bad.

@lilithsaintcrow I'm delighted to pay for stuff that... what's the word... "works," yeah, that's it.

@mwlucas The old one had all the bells and whistles I DIDN'T need, and none of the ones I DID. So Nivo isn't perfect, but it's the best I've found.

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