The number of people not wearing masks in public is just shocking. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU LOT?


Is "plague fatigue" a phrase? Because it needs to be a phrase.


The desire to wear masks is largely controlled by the message from regional medical authorities.

Example, in my province, the Chief Medical Officer states that there's very limited science supporting a mask preventing a new Covid infection, but there's good evidence that infected or high risk people (such as medical staff) wearing masks does help prevent spread. So, "mask protects you, it doesn't protect me" type of thing.

The official message here is to wear a mask if: a) you're going to a medical facility, or b) if you're not going to be able to social distance such as on public transit. There's no message to just wear a mask because.

But I know the message varies by region. The logic behind uninfected people wearing masks as an infection preventative isn't universally accepted at all.

However there is certainly no harm in wearing a mask. But it's not reasonable to label people as "having something wrong" with them just because they're not wearing a mask.

Having said that, I know the US is a total shit show circus of medical malfeasance so I can understand why it's much harder to get a solid grip on the right thing to do in the US.

@jonw @lilithsaintcrow

There’s a certain poetry to the phrase

“A total shit show circus of
medical malfeasance”

You can sing it to the tune of “Girl from Ipanema.”
And probably a few others.

Is this the sort of observation I ought to be sharing?
Sorry if not.

@lilithsaintcrow We don't and never had a lockdown and we have no silly requirement that people wear face masks for no reason in public places and our COVID19 death rate is lower than many countries who have or had tyrannical lockdown regimes & mandatory face mask requirements.

Tell me, Karen, why you find it shocking that we don't wear face masks here and don't see anything at all wrong with that.

There is no sientific evidence for masks to reduce the covid19 pandemic. There are reseach results about single factors showing positive (diminuing aerosol and drop clouds) and negative (bacteria cultures, CO2 respiration) individual scenarios. Outside buildings normal masks are useless. Inside masks may protect others a little but they don't protect those who wear one.
So, don't complain people not wearing masks. Physical distance is much more effective and important.

@lilithsaintcrow @mathuin I'm happy to be in Japan. (But anywhere in Asia is OK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and so on).

Occidental people are having some difficulties to accept wearing a mask for some strange reasons...?

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