Morning Walk Report: dogs still clingy and frightened after last night, but it’s a nice cloudy-cool morning and there was only one incident with some jerk who wouldn’t leash their own dog.

So many things are blooming right now, everything in full leaf, and the lack of traffic when everyone was in lockdown is a thing of the past.


As for the run, it felt like flying once I got a few kilometers in, and there were so many bees. So many. Plus I got hit with an unripe apple, so there’s that.

(The apple was on a low-hanging branch as I zoomed by. Right on the forehead, since I couldn’t see it through the leaves and thought I’d ducked enough. Grace and class, that’s me.)

I had to gently brush a bee out of my hair once I reached my own driveway. It’s hard to tell which of us was more disconcerted.

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