Sad announcement: There is no official D&D tonight. Our DM is exhausted (no wonder!) and so we’re having a social hour while one character is tied up naked in a net in the corner.

Next week we’ll be back with more heads to put on the cart, and the consequences of tonight’s lunacy (whatever that turns out to be).

For example, the dwarf warrior is musing on different callbacks. We’re going back and forth between Rocky Horror and Riverdance.

“Perhaps an illustration of this particular (lifting, separating) codpiece would be in order?”


Our dwarf warrior is codpiece-shopping, our half-elf ranger needs a traumatic backstory, our paladin is singing Rocky Horror. For once I’m just along for the ride.

(I suggested the codpiece. I’ve created a monster, and I’ve never been happier.)

Group chat is REAL interesting right now. “Is this an Iron Maiden setup?”

“No, no, it’s Etsy.”

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