So. Lot of stuff going down in SFF right now. I’m not considered a “real” SFF writer because I wrote *gasp* KISSING BOOKS (no lie, I’ve been informed of this) so I can’t comment much.

But I will say it’s the absolute least you can do to study people’s names before you’re going to record awards show, and check in afterward to make sure you said everyone’s correctly.

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And editing out blather, not to mention in editing in correct pronunciations, is the absolute least a pre-recorded awards show could do.

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All of this kind of makes me glad I’m not “relevant.” But my heart aches for people who had their wonderful, beautiful moment of affirmation shat on so badly. I’m so sorry.

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@lilithsaintcrow This reminds me of Scalzi's repeated refrain that the best-selling science fiction books in the world were written by a romance author.

I, personally, adore the In Death series. They're the #1 books I check out from the library :)


Obviously, people in the future won't ever kiss. Not EVER. So you *can't* be a "real" SFF writer. :flan_eyeroll:

@mwlucas How dare I get my dirty feelings and women with sexual agency into the hallowed halls of SFF! HOW DARE!

@thegibson LAAAAAAADYbooks are diiiiiirty.

…I think I’ve had too much coffee, I have perhaps an inflated idea of my own funniness right now.


You make fun of this, but dadgum Charlie Daniels, Lord rest his soul, could have written mighty fine SFF.... He didn't like no Girly Books... Hell, he didn't even like books.

@thegibson He was a white man with a neckbeard, CLEARLY he was great SFF writer material! Why, the field is just MADE for that poor downtrodden slice of humanity that gets NO advantages, ever!


As an aside... I have a theory that the only reason Ben Shapiro doesn't have a neckbeard is that he is actually still 12.


Ben Shapiro is your media savior?!?! Your thought leader?!?!

How fucking desperate are these people?

@thegibson Frightened mouthbreathers who have been raised to believe they represent a “master race” are always dangerous. Always.


no "kissing books"...? have to be a boy in third grade to enter the SFF treehouse?

@msh A WHITE boy. But… essentially, yes. And those who aren’t white or boy enough are made to feel it every step fo the way, and then they get shat upon at awards ceremonies.

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