And at least that first sip of coffee still fills me with joy.

I love you, caffeine. Let’s never fight.


@megabyteGhost I prefer to view it as a mutually agreeable relationship. Coffee trees/shrubs get tended and grown, and I get the sweet sweet go-juice.

@lilithsaintcrow For sure. I just don't like how I feel when I'm scrambling around to find it...I keep a bottle of caffeine pills around just in case.

@megabyteGhost That’s just Being Organized, which is a win all its own.

I am on the path of Relentless Optimism this morning, apparently. :P

@megabyteGhost Oh, I lose it all the time. Then I go to Mordor to find it again. (Either that or watch and livetoot opera. Whatever works.)

@megabyteGhost I am 100% that bitch who looks at a disaster in progress and is all “this’ll be hard to fix, but such pretty colours!”

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