Serial subscribers, the latest chapter of HOOD—featuring a scene I’ve wanted to write from the very beginning—is heading for your inboxes right… NOW!

Nest Egg subscribers get access to the current serial and also the Crow’s Nest, which features weekly scenes from whatever I’m working on. This week, more alien romance, and breakfast!

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I also have a Patreon, if that’s your jam. (Gumroad subscribers get a break on pricing, because of the way the platform is built, but I know a lot of you love the ease of Patreon.)

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I’m about to turn all my energies to the end of HOOD’s Season Three, which means I’ll be starting a new serial soon. (There might even be a poll!)

I just have to finish THIS one first.

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It’s pretty exciting. I was worried, what with pandemic and all, that I’d never finish another book. But I have a little of my fire back in me now.

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So this week features Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, and Little John breaking atmo on a mission that will save Anglene—if they don’t get shot down first.

And it also features an alien breakfast.

One-stop shopping! And as usual, many thanks to my beloved subscribers. Your support is much appreciated and helps ameliorate my stress. Which means I write more for your eyeballs to enjoy!

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