“So-and-so gets a historic apology X years after Company/Government/Institution wronged them!”

Completely overlooks how you ruined a person’s life, in most cases for decades, and now you want a gold star.

Take your apology, add a year’s salary adjusted for inflation for every year since you wronged that person, and pay tf up.

I am so, so tired of these toothless “apologies” being lauded as some kind of progress. No. Hit these companies/institutions right where they live—in the pocketbook—instead.

Keep your meaningless lip service. Pay the righteous fuck up instead.

We are never going to make any progress until addressing the bad behavior of these narcissistic, classist, privileged assholes involves real, meaningful financial and social costs to said assholes.

And while we’re here? Charge the racist bigots double.

‘Nuff said.

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