The Princess is home from work today and about to embark upon a whirlwind of preparatory baking. I will be hiding in my office for most of it.

Babies are cool, toddlers are exhausting fun, school kids bright and inquisitive, teenagers are hilarious, and now that my kids are adults… well, every age is neat, and I enjoy them.

Every single age my kids have been has something to recommend it. And parenting has been most often an exercise in keeping a straight face.

My one goal all through raising my kids was staying out of the way so my damage didn’t interfere with the awesome human beings they came out as. It seems to have worked.

2020’s been a trashfire but at least my kids still love me, and it’s enough.

(Still NOT venturing into the kitchen today if I can help it.)

(No sir, no way, no day. The Princess has informed me that is HER territory for the next 18 hours and she’ll thank me kindly to stay out.)

(She thinks she’s won a great victory but she doesn’t realize that means *she’s* doing the dishes as well.)


(Old age does have SOME things to recommend it. Heh.)


Do they do table service too? Your own private restaurant!

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