Morning Walk Report: Sunshine after the storm, wrack all over the roads and sidewalks, full-foaming storm drains.

As for the morning’s run, yesterday’s turned ankle is holding up well, though I can definitely tell giving it the rest of yesterday off was the best choice. *sigh*

As for the morning run jam, I found myself hitting repeat on Savage Garden’s chick-a-cherry cola song.


And it never bloody fails: Every time there’s an unleashed dog in defiance of safety and posted rules, there’s inevitably a middle-aged white man looking smug that he’s breaking said rules and getting away with it.

LEASH. YOUR. DOG. For their safety, not mine, because I’m fully capable of taking them on but dogs do NOT make good choices.

@lilithsaintcrow Time to call the local animal shelter and report a wild animal.

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