Can you imagine the care packages Mando’s gonna send Grogu at Jedi Hogwarts?

“Here’s some frog eggs. Sent ‘em sublight so they stay fresh. Hope you’re being good. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.”

“Hey kid, I chased down a good bounty and got this nice blaster. Thought you and Big Jedi could practice with it. But if he accidentally hurts you I’ll kill him. Love, Dad.”

“Hey kid, I know you like shiny things. Got this off a bounty. Looks real nice once the blood’s cleaned off. Study hard, real proud of you. Love, Dad.”


“Hey kid, Cara Dune sends her love. Remember when you Force-choked her? We laughed about it. BE GOOD. Love, Dad.”

“Hey kid, Killed another big ice spider. Got a new ship. I know you’re busy, but maybe write me? Love, Dad.”

“Hey kid, Got this mudhorn egg while testing the new armor. Had to fight off the Jawas for it too. Remember when you fought a mudhorn and passed out? Proud of you. Love, Dad”

“Hey kid, How’s Jedi school? You doing good? Other kids treating you nice? If they don’t I’ll come visit. Work’s kind of slow. Write me soon? Love, Dad”

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