So tonight at dinner the kids were trying to explain the Yu-Gi-Oh series to me, and finally I said, “It’s… a romcom?”

And now they’re laughing and I can’t get a straight answer. Being old is confusing.

Like, there’s this Kaiba guy, and all he wants is to hang out and play cards with his boyfriend named Pharaoh, but Pharaoh has an emotional support quasi-himbo named Yugi and there’s Misunderstandings? I guess?


And somehow there’s a lot of drugs involved and everyone hallucinates during the card game? Which sounds kind of like college, right?

Apparently the comic relief is some guy named Pegasus who is (I am given to understand) actually a Cyclops? And more hallucinogens?

And this is a KID’S SHOW, they say.

I am under strict instructions to ask the internet about this because I admitted I don’t quite understand what the attraction is here?

But then I tried explaining, like, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors to them, and we ended up trying to make Thundercats make sense.

We all agree that He-Man is not wearing any pants, it’s just manscaping.

And that’s called family bonding through dinner conversation.

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