“It’s either the Tolkien Viking Werewolves or the Middle Aged Innkeeper Saves the World. Those are my options.”

I can tell I’m in revisions because all I want is to write these wildly different stories.


“There’s nothing quite like watching the woman you love murder a bunch of bandits. Why, it’s just like springtime.”

(Shhh I’m stealing time to work on this, as soon as coffee’s done I have to go back to Real Work…)

“He’s a wizard, his lips are moving, that means he’s lying.”

“You’re a pessimist.”

(I’d forgotten how snarky the cranky middle-aged innkeeper is...)

“Do you want me to leave any alive?”

“When have I EVER wanted that?”

“Well, there was that one guy—“

“We are NOT talking about that.”

The Cranky Innkeeper just wants to file with the local feudal lord to get her burned-down inn’s insurance, but people keep trying to kill her and it’s making her even crankier.

“Look, I’ll kill six men in a morning, just don’t make me do paperwork.”

“See? Every man’s got his price, kid.”

Okay I have coffee now which means I can’t work on Snarky Innkeeper or Tolkien Viking Werewolves. Back into revision of American Gods Meets John Wick instead…

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