Have spent a non-trivial amount of time today thinking about all the problems I’d solve with dragons if I had some.


Just, you know, when all your solutions look like dragons, all your problems become VERY CRISPY AND GOOD WITH KETCHUP.

“I had 99 problems but… then I got a dragon and burned them all, so really I’m doin’ pretty good. Got no complaints.”

Honestly I’m hard-pressed to come up with a problem having dragons *wouldn’t* solve.

Yes, I know that all problems could technically be solved with a single dragon, but I might as well ask for ALL the dragons upfront so I can be argued down to one.

And for those of you asking, I am well aware that ninjas might represent a problem dragons can’t solve but I don’t think AskANinja has weighed in on that so we’ll probably never know. It’s an Unanswerable Question.

However, if someone wants to give me at least one if not all dragons and, say, a clan of ninjas, we can settle the matter for good.

@lilithsaintcrow If you have them all, the chance of anyone stopping you is much more in your favor.

@lilithsaintcrow I think you need more that one dragon to unstick the boat

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