“The mailbox, located near the entrance of the Amazon facility, has emerged as a key piece of evidence in a union bid to overturn the election results.”


Shocked. Shocked, I am. Truly.

Bezos has not experienced enough pain to negotiate. Therefore, he will not.

@mwlucas Yeah, I read the article with my “entirely unsurprised” face on.

It’s eerie how Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg and the like are blindly treading the path of the robber barons. Almost as if that kind of wealth forces one into a mental straitjacket.

@lilithsaintcrow @mwlucas It'll be interesting if there's evidence of mail tampering because along with tax evasion those tend to be the crimes that the govt. actually prosecutes.

Not like, say, union-busting and the like.

@craigmaloney Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they get Bezos in the same manner they got Capone? I know *I’d* have my popcorn buttered and salted watching that go down. @mwlucas

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