The day’s pre-dinner take: net 200 words on HELL’S ACRE, but they seem to be good ones, and a good 800 or so on SHE’S FLEEING A BYRONIC HERO, which I’m writing as a treat for both myself and my beloved subscribers.

It doesn’t sound like much to show for a solid nine-ten hours’ worth of work, but some days are like that. Especially when one considers I wrote maybe 3k in HELL’S ACRE while deleting around 2.8k. *headdesk*

Some days one just wakes up and hates EVERYTHING about a chapter or two. *cue Jolie as Lara Croft*

I suppose I could work more after dinner, but there’s a set of YouTube videos deconstructing MLMs I just *have* to watch. You know how it is.

@lilithsaintcrow I managed a title slide and 50 words of introduction on a talk. you take what the word devils give you.

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