Me: I'm almost done with #dnssecmastery2e! Afterwards, can start on the next piece of #skybreach and the OpenBSD storage book.

Muse: Good. Here's a hideous humorous horror urban fantasy blockbuster.


Muse: It's only 65K words. Promise.


Muse: Yeah, fuck you too. :flan_molotov:


@mwlucas …I’m sorry, my friend, but it looks like you’re writing urban fantasy next.


I already write SF, mystery, crime, tech, nonfiction... I CAN'T ADD ANY MORE GENRES OR I'LL EXPLODE. :flan_piteous::flan_reaper:

@mwlucas Oh, come now, you’re a big strong writer. Why, I’ve written in three genres at once, before breakfast even, and I’m just a wee helpless girl!


You don't expect me to believe that, do you?

The "wee helpless girl" thing, I mean. Three genres at once, sure.

@mwlucas Many have made the mistake of underestimating me, my friend. It’s always amusing.

Seriously though, you know fighting with the Muse gets one nowhere. She doesn’t play fair, and knows where you sleep.

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