Today has been oddly productive, even though I’ve been focusing through waves of exhaustion. 2.5k on HELL’S ACRE, and the sparks are flying.

Tomorrow I’ll shift to SHE’S FLEEING A BYRONIC HERO, because the Baroness won’t leave me alone. She is a demanding sort.


But for now, I’m gonna listen to Kansas’s “Dust in the Wind” a couple times, then slither-stagger to bed.

Today’s been chock-full of nostalgia and physical misery. I figure that’s an appropriate closer.

I hate only being able to work at a quarter of my usual productivity. If rest is what it takes to get my accustomed speed and precision back, then I will (mutinously) rest.

Excuse me, the strings just came in and I have to find a lighter to wave.

And then, to bed.

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