Only 5k written today. However, the story seems to be weakening, if only fractionally.

I’ve endured longer books. I’ll outlast this one too.

I’m talking to this book like I’m a fantasy movie villain. “You cannot defeat me. I was here before you existed, I’ll be here once you’re edited and in production. Defeat me? I MADE YOU.”

Like, this book thinks it’s the plucky underdog. It thinks it has a chance. It thinks it’ll be the book to defeat me—me! The one who pulls all the strings! The puppeteer of this book’s entire universe!

Oh, no, book. No indeed. You cannot outlast me. I am the fingers that type you. I am the hours spent procrastinating that feed you. I am the idiot cramming you full of in-jokes.

You are my creation. I am your doom.


So go ahead, book. Struggle, for all the good it will do. Each day the tendrils of my spite-fueled discipline wrap a little tighter. The eventual end is not in doubt.

I have time, and I have caffeine.

I am eternal.

@lilithsaintcrow it really is the way you turn phrase.

I appreciate that.

@lilithsaintcrow Your stories about writing stories are worthy adventures in themselves. Thank you for your talent, imagination, and perseverance.

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