“Once a player has lost they are sent to 'Whamhalla’.”


“Another version is WhamHunter where players get a point each time they hear it.”

Once you’ve gone to Whamhalla it becomes a game of WhamHunter.

(I may or may not be watching the video just to get it out of the way. IT’S NOVEMBER, IT’S NOT AGAINST THE RULES.)


November has no rules. It is a month of chaos and anarchy and Scorpios

@thegibson You say that like it’s a BAD thing. I, for one, rather enjoy that Venn diagram.


Lol, it's my powerzone! If you only knew the shenanigans this scorpio season brought to me.

@lilithsaintcrow does it count if it's just playing inside my head the whole time?

@car Look, if you prefer homemade to store-bought, that’s cool. There’s room for everyone in Whamhalla.

@lilithsaintcrow i would have already lost if not for the date...

Also, do earworms count?


My spouse a few years ago: I have not heard wham this December or even a cover thereof!

Me: My Christmas album was variations of Last Christmas.

Spouse: ....Was it?


@lilithsaintcrow welp, my workplace is already playing Christmas music and I've already heard the song three times...

Guess I just have to go to work with earplugs in now. Guess my boss won't be able to talk to me. Damn. What a shame. 🤷‍♀️

@lilithsaintcrow /me looking up what Last Christmas sounds like and instantly losing whamageddon

@lilithsaintcrow i have a feeling i’m gonna lose extremely fast, but this sounds fun so i’ll try to participate!

@xyzzy The great thing is, if you lose you go to Whamhalla and then it becomes a game of Whamhunter. Losing means winning!

@lilithsaintcrow Am I terrible that I don't think i've ever heard this song? I guess I win by default?

@lilithsaintcrow You’re one of today’s lucky 10,000!

I’ve been playing Whamageddon for a few years. Survived last year because who goes to shopping malls now? Went to Whamhalla the year before on the TWENTY-THIRD! I was livid.

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