The shadow in the stairwell (don’t worry, he’s innocuous) has taken to tiptoeing down the hall to check my office door, which inevitably gives me a turn at least once per day when I get up from my chair.

I keep telling him I’m FINE.

Yes, I cleaned the house when we moved in. I decided to let the stair-shadow remain because he is, as I said, largely innocuous, though he did offer to make people with ill intentions uncomfortable upon arrival.

It was a good deal; I took it.


It’s always best to work with the ecosystem, visible or invisible, when settling somewhere.

Oh, FFS. There’s always one.

“You’re lying/telling a story!”

Just because *you* can’t see it doesn’t mean *I* can’t. I am comfortable with my own perceptions—including the perception that you’re an asshole and I’m blocking you.

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