Morning Walk Report: Both dogs eager. Carl, Sandra, and Jerry in front yard waiting to accompany us.

Carl (who I think is an adult female) seems to think we’re rather dim sheep in need of herding. Sandra (juvenile male, maybe?) is fascinated with Boxnoggin and wants to taunt him.

Jerry? Well, Jerry is still…special.

Carl and Sandra light in certain yards along our walk, eyeing me and the dogs, Sandra hopping to attract Boxnoggin’s attention and seeming delighted when he lunges and gets scolded.

Jerry, who can now fly with some facility, prefers to sit in high places and scream.


They accompany us all the way around the block, sometimes joined by other corvids. Carl seems to be a local leader, Sandra—who has plumped up considerably—the mischievous sidekick.

Jerry? Well, he’s…Jerry.

I did say, “Fuck you, Jerry,” at least twice.

But quietly. Dude’s doing the best he can.

Anyway, once we turned back onto our street and were only a couple houses from home, Sandra and Jerry took off to be about their daily business. Carl waited until we turned into the driveway, gave a croaking laugh, and winged away.

And that was our morning walk. I am no crow behaviorist (despite my name, thank you) but I think we might have been halfway adopted? Or at least considered an amusing morning ritual.

I know the extended murder has a larger territory than just our block, and have seen Jerry—he’s hard to miss—and I think Sandra too as far away as the uphill park where I walk on some weekends. But our yard seems to be home base.


They seem to have driven away at least one local hawk, although there might be an owl around judging by the tiny ball-o-feather corpses I’ve found at infrequent intervals.

Don’t worry, the hawk moved uphill and seems to be doing fine.

So right now Miss B is getting her biweekly bath, and Boxnoggin is attempting to hide behind me even though he’s not due for a scrubbing until next month. (He has tender skin, our square-headed lummox.)

I need more coffee. Good morning, everyone.

*whispers out window* And fuck you, Jerry.

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