No, my darling subscribers, I haven’t forgotten you. Your weekly fiction fix should be in your inboxes, awaiting your delectation.

This week in HELL’S ACRE, Lady Cassel has her doubts, and Gemma faces off against her true opponent—for the first time.

Crow’s Nest subscribers get another peek at the space werewolves, in which our fair heroine finds out what all the fuss—and the bidding war—was all about

If you just want to throw a little change in the tip jar, my Ko-fi is here.

…and I think that’s it. I’m going to try the line edits again; just a few pages, to see if the stress nausea will go down. I cannot afford to stop at the moment.


Be gentle with yourselves, my beloveds. Things are deeply suboptimal right now, and there’s no shame in knowing as much. If you feel like nothing is okay at the moment…well, you’re not alone in that estimation.

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