“In the Inland Empire region of California, for example, Amazon may cycle through every worker who’d be interested in applying for a warehouse job by the end of 2022…”

It takes a special kind of…something to be SO BAD as a workplace that you literally burn through every possible worker in the region.

Let’s not even TALK about how bad Amazon is for authors, too. Wonder how long it’ll take to go through all of us, too.

*stares into camera*

@lilithsaintcrow I feel like this toot should cut away to the authors talking about how Amazon takes more money from a returned book than it pays for a purchased one so some authors can wind up owing Amazon money at the end of the month.

@lilithsaintcrow I just boosted and all because I have that movie on my backlog for this Sunday, maybe :blobcatgoogly:

@Mnemonic The rabbit sitcom is a great way to induce an existential crisis, I’m told.

@lilithsaintcrow before or after? I just found out I need to do Mulholland Dr. This Sunday. Like Sunday mul, then the rabbits or after inland?

@lilithsaintcrow "Amazon’s warehouse staff worked, on average, a little more than 27 hours a week"

Are the low hours to avoid paying benefits?

@lufthans It’s very likely. This average could also be driven down by extremely high turnover and wage theft; in addition, any numbers supplied by Amazon about their internal workings should be considered highly suspect IMO. So there could be a collage of reasons.

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