Cannot stay in bed, since a 60lb furry toddler sat on my chest and asked where breakfast is, while also noting I am made of meat.

...thanks, astrology app, for giving me even MORE publishing-based neurosis. Thanks ever so much.

Friday the 13th, full moon, and a perfect storm of mansplainers.

*sigh* Tonight's gonna be grand.

We're getting closer to INCORRUPTIBLE's release day! You can download the first six chapters for free here:

This fellow in particular caught my eye, and even a bit of Abrams lens flare got into the act.

Run, shower, palak paneer all acheived. Now it's victory or death on this fucking epic fantasy revision.

True love: when you yell "EVERY LAST INCH OF ME'S COVERED IN HAIR" down the hall, and your child yells back (from the loo) "BITCH, PLEASE"...

So if you don't like my politics, you're not going to enjoy my books, and you can move right along. I'm not writing for you. We won't miss each other. Just go.

Taking the high road when someone's trying to catsplain one of your besties is exhausting.

Keep trying, dude. You're howling into the wasteland of my mute button.

You're taking in HOW MUCH money and you can't even get payments to the creators your whole business is built on in a reasonable fashion months after you know there's a problem? Really?

Welp, all the work I did setting something up this morning was wasted.

But I learned a lot, right? Right?

This is an empty dispenser for the antibacterial soap that worked best for Odd’s yeasty paws. It’s been sitting in the windowsill for a week.

I can’t let go yet.

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