My favorite bit of writing today: “You think I’m going to survive this. That’s adorable.”

“Dudley Dewbadde longed to return to the peace and quiet of Wystywych Lane, even though it was a cold night and his fine trousers were slightly chafing since he had not worn them for some while.”

“There’s nothing quite like watching the woman you love murder a bunch of bandits. Why, it’s just like springtime.”

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My favorite line(s) from today's work so far: "...she’d either be victorious or the craft would shake itself to pieces.

There was nothing left to do but hold on."

“If Heaven wishes to kill us, it should bring an army.”

"Combat is close to dance, and fortunately, witches are *very* good dancers."

Assassination attempt finished. Emperor's ill-considered response finished too. Now comes the public whipping.

"Rule did not rest, reign did not sleep, and neither did intrigue."

Maybe I shouldn't have tried to do this scene from he astrologer's point of view.

"I doubt a laxative will teach her any lasting lesson." I kind of love this book.

"When you find your god and He won't help you, what do you do? Simple. You go looking for one who will."

My favorite line today: "Static turned every consonant sandpaper-sharp."

So, just did a Word compile with the new Scrivener. It was...much easier than the last version, with much more granular control.

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