“How many editions of Jane Eyre do you need, anyway?”

“Yes. I mean, ALL of them. Duh.”

“The price of googly eyes is, I have to confide, ASTONISHINGLY low if you buy in bulk.”

“Imagine the machine harvesting THAT.”

“…I’d rather not.”

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“Look, I’m just saying, I’ve regretted glitter but I’ve never regretted glow in the dark anything.”

“I have restrained from hexing in any fashion, though of course I have been guilty of *wishing*.”

“It’s either the Tolkien Viking Werewolves or the Middle Aged Innkeeper Saves the World. Those are my options.”

“I have work to do, but a fresh cuppa and dead bodies? I’m in.” (Email to writing partner.)

“I’m sure I’ll brood on it, come to no real decision, and make a panicked call at the very last second. Like a real adult.”

“I am finally the gothed-up old lady I always wanted to see in the world.”

“If that man ever DID meet a leprechaun he’d talk it to death.”

“The damn zombies aren’t gonna kill themselves, after all.”

“One spends so much time with one’s keyboard. It’s a deep relationship.”

Some sentences I never thought I'd type, but here we are. "Yeah, I could go on about hell trees, but I would need a drink or two."

“Well. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of them do THAT.”

"I am fully aware of what you want, you just can't have it." to a very upset Boxnoggin.

"There's the world, and then there's the worlds artists see. Transformation of both is the business we're in."

"I knew that big plastic penguin would come in handy someday."

Also: "No, it was four rats, not one rat glimpsed four times. There was no Schrodinger's rat."

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