@mwlucas It’s not greedy to expect a living wage, especially when one pays property taxes.

I’m glad that my agent had never once spoken against me diversifying, even though they don’t get a cut of the self-pubbed stuff. There’s a reason I’ve stayed with them for so long.

@mwlucas Shakespeare gotta get paid, son.

I was all right until the publishers started splitting up advances into “advance, delivery, and pub payments.” So you don’t get the advance and have nothing to live on while writing the damn book. Bastards must think writers live on air. Plus there’s always some chucklefuck willing to work for “exposure.” *eyeroll*

@mwlucas I'm just gonna sit here and giggle quietly into my sleeve because someone thinks I'm a bigger name. Heh.

But yeah, trad houses have tightened up a lot in the last few years. Squeezing the midlisters to pay hot debuts and tried-and-true bestsellers, despite the fact that the midlist is the bulk bread and butter. It's enough to make one despair.

So, editors, if Assassin's Creed meets Da Vinci Code in an alt-Victorian London sounds like your jam, contact my agent because it won't be available long. *sips drink*

@thegibson If publishers would pay their editors a decent wage instead of overworking them to death and penny-pinching authors to boot, trad publishing would be a great way to make a living for those with the talent.

And yet, here we are. *sigh*

(Doing serial fiction has freed me from a lot of uncertainty, and I love it. LOVE IT.)

And if publishers don't move quickly enough, I'll serialize the two books--HELL'S ACRE and ROOK'S ROSE--and that's a couple years' worth of work with solid income right there.

Tomorrow I might begin revisions on INCORRUPTIBLE after wordcount on HOOD's Season Two, but considering everything else I've done today, 3k is a respectable amount of wordage.

Nope, it's just going to be samples, and if they want more, they're going to have to pay me.

3k on HELL'S ACRE today and a sample sent off to the agent. No more of publishers pulling this "write the whole book and six months after you do that we might condescend to look."

@eleanorkonik ...I will take ALL those carbs and help you eat both focaccia and pasta. Just let me stretch out a bit.

Focaccia in the oven, red sauce bubbling away. It smells really good, especially with the rainy air coming in through the window.

Yep, super done today. Time to take dogs for walks and get a few thousand words done, in that order.

Articles like this put the onus on (largely female) researchers to "prove" what we already know in the hope that it will somehow make men adult up. It's a waste of effort and time.

We know exactly what these misogynistic chucklefucks want and how they work themselves up to murder. What is lacking is the legislative and male will to DO something about the problem.

You do not end oppression and abuse by asking politely or catering to the oppressor's/abuser's ego. It has never worked, it will never work.

The hope is that scientific research hedged carefully enough in qualifiers and euphemism will eventually get men to do something about themselves and their entitled rage.

This hope is groundless.

We UNDERSTAND them just fine. The attempt to say we don't is just one more instance of deep-rooted misogynist patriarchy protecting its own.

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