Well, that’s a declaration of war on a Tuesday.

And I regret not a single syllable.

@susannah Doing my best, my friend. By the gods and Benadryl, I am doing my best.

@RussSharek I don’t know, my dear, I think that’s a perfectly respectable sentence, worthy of inclusion among the greats.

@RussSharek The lack of physical flexibility is only a recent development completely explained by the effects of time upon a carbon-based meatsack.

As for low-hanging fruit, my friend, I’d take exception but I’m too busy harvesting what I can, for lo I am an old bitch and my own flexibility is somewhat impaired. :P




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…I suspect my tolerance for vodka has undergone a drastic reduction since my high school days.

This should be fun.

@mithriltabby I preferred it to WoW but then they discontinued support for Mac. But the Prince still plays it so I get my fix vicariously through him, including forum flame wars and discussions about PuG raid balancing.

ANYWAY my son and I have exhaustively discussed the latest patch to Guild Wars, which I’m not playing anymore but he has a rebuilt PC to play on and quite likes, thank you very much.

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But really, I like hearing about what my kids are interested in, and learning from them. They know more than I ever will.

This is a secret of parenthood: Being willing and eager for the children to teach YOU.

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I’m SO tempted to record some of our more arcane conversations about Guild Wars vs. WoW.

What? This is our idea of family fun! My daughter and I have K-dramas and fanfic, my son and I have MMORPGs.

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Just had a long conversation about MMORPG role balancing with my son over chickpeas and rice.

*blows gently on fingertips* Yep. Still got it.

@Kiratala Unrepentant, evil-for-the-sake-of-evil villains have their place, but they do tend to be cardboard. Even Morgoth had his motivations.

@Kiratala I’d argue that in most cases, that’s what makes a “villain.” (Most. MOST.)

…yep, I found the single molecule of jalapeño remaining on my fingers even after repeated hand washing and rubbed it into my eyes, fabulous, even the utterly expected can sting…

To watch a New Writer’s face light up when I say, “You might not see it, but from out here I do—you’re thinking *like a writer*, and making one of those jumps to a new plateau. There will be frustration when you level off, but you’re still moving forward.”

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