…yeah, that’s it for me. To hell with all this, I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow I get to proof a book that people are waiting for, so at least there’s that.

I can’t wait to go to bed.

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Still not sure anything I wrote today is usable. That’s a question for another day.

And people wonder why writers drink.

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Every single word today had to be dragged out kicking and screaming, every sentence essayed at least twice before it could be hammered into shape, and I hate every goddamn project on deck right now.

@mwlucas Hey, I think I visited there one summer. :P

I’m just in a Mood tonight, and irritated by every failure of technology from autocorrect to electronic dictionary. Grrr.

Yes, Scrivener Dictionary, “epergne” is an actual word.

*stamps away fuming*

@djsundog I sat for a few minutes and thought “do I really need to share this?” And was ready to delete if you were like “thanks but I didn’t need to know.” I’m sorry.

@djsundog I loved his stuff until I found out he was a raging Catholic and anti-choice. After that… it just wasn’t the same. :(

Me: “If you had just eaten your breakfast…”

Dogs: “You know we don’t work like that, lady.”

Dogs have finally settled for their lunchtime nap. I have a fresh cuppa Earl Grey. There’s a combat scene between two intelligent, murderous princes to write.

It’ll probably be a good afternoon.

Good heavens, the mansplainers are out in force today. I haven’t had to mash mute/block buttons with such exceeding vengeance in a while.

The true wonder of this situation is that barricades and guillotines haven’t appeared on every Main Street. (The optimist in me is forced to add, “…Yet.”)

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“There is not a single state, county or metropolitan area in the U.S. where a minimum-wage worker can afford a modest two-bedroom rental without spending more than 30% of their income.” huffpost.com/entry/affordable-

This is why habit is so crucial in both exercise and writing. You need to give yourself momentum to carry the carcass through periods of little visible progress.

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Another really good 5k time turned in. A body’s progress is never linear, which makes it frustrating—but the lunges forward are satisfying while they last.

@banjofox It is hard. Making writing a priority and protecting the time to do it in is easier once you start making a little cash from it, but earning requires having something finished. It’s super paradoxical, like everything to do with creativity.

@banjofox It happens at least twice a week, honestly. I have grown amused at the regularity of its occurrence.

In which I give a short list of things I’m thinking about lately, and there are LOTS of brackets.

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