Update: I found some damn coffee. Now I need to find a book and the couch, in that order.

Dogs let me sleep in a whole hour.

Where's the fucking coffee?

Etiquette PSA 

Finished reading Caroline Kepnes’s “Providence.” The best way to spend a recovery day: on the sofa with a book.

@Gargron Homophones! That’s actually really common. Auditory processing and writing at the same time is fascinating stuff.

have you tried turning the summoning circle off and back on again

Help, I've fallen into a Savage Garden Youtube hole and I can't struggle free.

Don't want to either.

Sometimes, I'd even say "What would Joan Wilder do?" (Answer: "she'd find something to use for toilet tissue and get going, so wipe and grab your weapon, girl.")

ANYWAY, if I ever thought of being a writer, I thought of being like Joan Wilder. It never occurred to me I actually could until I had to support two small kids on my own.

(Unless it's Stranger than Fiction, which is awesome. "I bought you flours...")

And still, STILL, there's no better and truer film sequence showing what it's like to be a writer than the beginning of Romancing the Stone.

Very little gets me dancing faster than Billy Ocean can.

I still love Romancing The Stone. I love Jewel of the Nile a little less, but it has this song, which makes up for it: youtube.com/watch?v=-n3sUWR4FV

@thegibson Of course you agree. We have fine taste, the pair of us. :P

@thegibson For some reason, I always associate werewolves with Delta blues and really driving bass.

I just want to clean my house and watch trashy movies all day.

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