Took four hours to caramelise the onions properly; now the bread is in the oven while restless rain sweeps the roof.

So much peace.

Onion everywhere. I know the soup is going to be absolutely divine but my eyes are streaming and I have hives.

Cooking is a full-contact sport.

Boxnoggin just stepped into his own food bowl, scared himself, and took off running.

I love this dog, and he is no genius.

Unrelated: slippers and comfy pants have been achieved. Now it's time to lounge on the couch, paint my nails, and read about the Pacific Theater in WWII.

Me to writing partner: "I don't know why I'm checking my email, you're sitting right here."

It's slippers and comfortable pants time, bitchesssssss.

I get to see my writing partner, do some housework, pet dogs, and read another romance novel today.

My dance card's pretty full.

@remotenemesis Sorry, I can't find a single thing to judge or find wanting here.

"...if he wanted her attention, he’d have to ask permission from the freshman hovering by the hors d’oeuvres table, shoving saltines in her bag."

I get to see my writing partner today.

I have a spork to give her.

Someone got to my site by searching for "saintcrow bannon and clare books explained."

And I'm the books? They explain themselves?

(Also, while I'm dreaming, I'd love a pony I didn't have to clean up after.)

Seriously, if writers started sending invoices en masse to people who profit while standing on our backs, things would change in a helluva hurry.

This is a business, they're a distributor, and when they mess up, they need to pay the content creators their entire world was built on the backs of. Period.

(They probably won't pay. That's okay. Late charges and interest will apply.)

So, to sum up: Readers are great, Amazon is Not the Writer's Friend, and I am asking KDP where I should send the invoice for lost working time due to their fuckup.

But in the end, the customers yelling at them finally got them to do what they should have in the first place. Thanks, guys. I'm sorry it was such a boondoggle, I did everything I could.

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