I bid you all a very fond goodnight.

Ladies and gentlemen, someone said "very pissed-off badgers" and I... I think we have a winner.

...look, being in my brain isn't easy, I think you've all seen that tonight.

Honestly, having them ride winged tapirs isn't gonna do it, but it's a nice thought, you know? The tip-tapping of tapir toes INTO THE BREACH.

Something that an angst-ridden vampiric King of the Night Elves can ride into battle.

I've done giant cats made of stone, I've done horses, I've done CARNIVOROUS horses (Ragged & Gallow) that turn into motorcycles... I want something fun.

I kind of want huge boars but I already did that with the Skaialan (if I write THE HIGHLANDS WAR we'll see Kaia on a charging war-boar) so...hmmm.

So, my friends, since I apparently HAVE to work on this project tonight...

...what should these vampiric elves ride into battle?

Trying to fall into a YouTube rabbit hole instead of working on this project and failing.

@thegibson Thank you! I have no idea what I'm doing, but at least I'm doing it wholeheartedly.

@thegibson There's a lesson in there. Not one I think I'll ever master, but a lesson I want to pursue nonetheless.

@thegibson The thing that gets me is, he could have called it off. He could have asked for safety measures. But he just got that little smile and was like, "the gods can't take me yet, I'm gonna give 'em a show."

I want to be that brave. Someday.

@thegibson Worse. They knew they would never get fucked, and HE was. Onstage. By tens of thousands. And there was nothing, NOTHING they could do about it.

@thegibson His entire life was a big fuck-you to the censors. He was a complex man, and an entirely brave one.

"Prince," the guy says, "it's raining in Miami."

Prince's reply? "I know. Can you make it rain harder?"

This has been your regularly scheduled pep talk. Now get the fuck out there and dance. Be the hero you wish would have saved you. Get your boots on and drop-kick your doubtweasels.

Dance. Shred. Put on what makes you feel good. You're the star of the movie called Your Own Fucking Life, and you can be as impossibly extra as Prince thumbing a Miami rainstorm in the fuckin' EYE.

There is no way out. Living is a terminal disease. Nobody, NOBODY gets out of this alive.

What you DO get to do matters.

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