@Kiratala I meant it as encouragement! Because I love hearing people talk about games they love as much as I love live-blogging opera!

Just realized I’ve been awake since 2am and oh, that’s why I’m Like This today.

Every dog in the neighborhood is losing their shit except mine, and it’s disconcerting.

…thank you for playing along, folks. Your reactions and comments are half the fun. ;)

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I never in a million years thought I would be the kind of woman sitting in her office thoroughly unwashed and vibrating with caffeine while live-blogging operas but here we are.

It might be time for that pickled daikon in the fridge.

Watching that aria again because DAMN, both Fleming and Hvorostovsky letting their voices OUT OF THE BOX to play is just *chef’s kiss*

Renee Fleming 100% looks like the girl who would poison her husband and dress fabulously at the funeral and I am HERE. FOR. IT.

me, refreshing my timeline from this morning: wow.... there's...a LOT today... something must've happened...

*reads through timeline*

oooooooh! @lilithsaintcrow is live tooting opera!!! YESSSS!!! *fist pump*

Again, thanks for coming along, and I’ll stop cluttering your feed now. I gotta watch that ending aria again.

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Renee Fleming as Tatiana, Dmitri Hvorostovsky as Onegin! The Met’s 2007 staging, everyone!

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I am gonna back this up and watch that fucking duet again because SLOW BURN TO EXPLOSION!

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Onegin: “Shit. Now I know why the opera’s named after me.”
Tchaikovsky: “What, you thought you’d get a happy ending?”
Bugs Bunny: “…and THAT is where I stole that line from.”

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Tatiana: “I gotta go feed hubby some arsenic.”
Onegin: “But I LOVE you now! Look, I’ll quote your old letter to you—”
Tatiana: “Not a good look, dude.”

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