Just gonna eat cheese and watch NOSFERATU like a champion then, I guess.

Ah, the old "I thought I was recovered, tried to work, and discovered I've hurt myself" dance.

And I was doing so WELL.

(Even today, one of the kids will stop in conversation and go, "BUT WHY AM I NAKED?" or "Some day, Karl... someday..." And we'll all crack up.)

(The kids quoted that at dinner for SIX MONTHS SOLID.)

(I consider Isobel a demigod, actually, which made the whole Karl Barx thing even more hysterical.)

I kind of miss those gaming sessions now that the kids have switched to, well, Switches. And I often feel a bit of guilt for my little Animal Crossing town, fending for itself.

Oddly enough, I never used the 3D function; it made my eyes hurt. But I liked playing games with my kids and the controls were a good size for my wee hands.

The kids love their Switches, they loved their PS4 and their Wii, but I only ever got to know and like the 3DS.

It's still the only handheld console I've ever used. My entire life I've liked playing on a desktop better.

My kids talked me into getting a 3DS for myself. We all played Animal Crossing together, visiting each others' towns. tedium.co/2020/01/16/nintendo-

"Legend has it that when Yankee forces arrived two days later to occupy the town, they found just one white man remaining in Beaufort, and he was dead drunk." resilience.org/stories/2018-11

"While “haint blue” has taken on a life of its own outside the Gullah Geechee tradition...the significance of the color to the descendents of the Lowcountry’s enslaved people still remains." atlasobscura.com/articles/what

Hm. Even if the editor who wanted me to do a(nother) Baba Yaga story doesn't want this one, I might finish it anyway. (In all my copious spare time. Sigh.)

@mwlucas Been trying to talk myself out of an iPad purchase lately.

@mwlucas You guys need T-shirts. "Dr Lucas" and "The Doctor's Lackey." And she needs a big old Dr Who scarf.

Also, feeling SUPER less murder-y now that I've had some coffee. Whew.

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