Good night, good night, your fingers will be warm once you breathe, good night, good night, goodnight.

Anyway, I'm glad that's over, can we please throw all those resources at non-rapefest stuff next time?

It's just...gross. The sequels are going to be incel/gamerboi catnip. The whole thing is just...gross. It's the only word that applies.

How many great non-misogynistic non-rape-fests could we have had for what was spent on that bullshit? MANY.

The whole thing is super gross and I'm glad my entire experience of it for years has been short YouTube clips.

Is there a single brutalization Dany doesn't suffer, is there a single moment of a woman's pain that doesn't put the male reaction front and center, in that entire goddamn show/series?


So I watched the death scene, and it pissed me off just as much as I expected it to. Really, GoT isn't a show, it's a catalog of how to brutalize women in Renaissance LARP drag.

First third of HARMONY--which is coming out this year, my goodness--revised. It's not a bad little book, all told.

I'm kind of excited for you to read it.

Kid: "It's like a BB gun, but with BULLETS."

Me: "So...a .22."

They don't understand why I'm laughing.

@thegibson Can't type, busy spinning until I think I might vomit, then laughing until I sneeze. As one does.

@thegibson It's good to take the urge that has a great chance to mess up one's life and make it work FOR one instead.

@thegibson I really enjoy my younger self's capacity for uncritical delight in the simplest of things, and exercise it whenever possible.

@thegibson I may have spun my chair a few times to test out the new carpet shield, because I am twelve on the inside.

Bad news: The dogs were very interested in my bleeing hand.

Good news: They have not yet figured out I'm made of meat.

All in all, Monday's turning out to be a wash.

Bad news: I got a huge splinter rammed into my palm while unboxing new carpet shield.

Good news: It came out easy and bled enough to clean the wound.

Bad news: the carpet shield under my office chair finally gave up the ghost.

Good news: I had another one ready and waiting.

Your occasional reminder that I offer cover copy and ebook/print formatting services as well as occasional editing when my client list permits:

I just want to lie on the couch and listen to Buddy Holly today, is that so wrong?

Had to set a bee inside a rhododendron blossom for a rest. Poor little winged bumble was entirely too damp and probably cold.

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