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The only exception to this, of course, is the job of being a racist talking head. That seems to only require the willingness to lie without shame and gleefully harm a maximum number of brown people.

I have come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as "unskilled" labor. Even the dirtiest, poorest-paying job requires skill.

Crocuses are beginning to raise their heads and that cherry tree down the street is still attempting to bloom. I keep telling them "uh, it's only January," but they don't listen.

I never thought I’d be there one telling a dog “relax and look at what’s in front of you instead of worrying”

This role reversal is weird.

New year, new publishing schedule, new round of poking people to make decisions OR I WILL MAKE THEM FOR YOU, KTHXBAI.

*slaps the top of her skull* So many anxieties can fit in this bad boy. So many.

I have been inordinately productive this morning which means it's time to actually drink my coffee and maybe take a breath now.

If Amazon's jackassery is getting you down, you can get the .mobi of ATLANTA BOUND through my Gumroad store:

(I mean, it's not like the plan works all or even most of the time, but at least I FEEL good. I enjoy having a framework to shatter.)

Have taken to listing the next day's planned writing on an index card the night before. I'm not sure it helps, but at least it makes me feel virtuous.

I have not watched Pacific Rim except for clips on YouTube and I should probably fix this, right?

The only thing left tonight is piano practice. Being full of pasta, I will probably doze off over the ivories.

I don't think the people I say this to notice consciously, but it certainly helps *me* put my effort and kindness where it needs to be.

Pay close attention to your "but"s, my friends.

I try not to say "I love you, but [x]," ever (unless it's clearly a light jest), especially with the kids. My love isn't conditional.

Good writing days don't happen often, but when they do, my goodness, they are the most pleasant things imaginable.


I say again, HA!

I made it to the barfight. *crosses that off to-do list*

Now the only thing left today is piano practice. Oh, and feeding the damn dogs.

The dancing is done! Now I can write the setup for the first barfight in HOOD!

(Several days late, but I'm delighted just the same.)

A little snack, a little yoga, a little greeting a returned child, a little taking the dogs out...and now it's back to work. if I can get to the first barfight in HOOD I'll call it a day.

1.2K on THE POISON PRINCE. Yesterday's scene-that-wasn't at least showed me the way, and its replacement arrived with very little trouble. One step back, two steps forward.

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