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I typed, "I should get my shoes on" and somehow AutoCorrect turned it into shoveling myself hoes, so...there's that?

Unrelated: "Dalla sua pace" is one of the most beautiful songs ever.

And if you're wondering if this is about you, it's not. I can safely say that if you're reading this, it's not about you.

I might not even meet a POSSIBLE deadline after I've been treated like shit. Why should I? It just teaches you that you can treat me badly and get away with it.

PSA: Treating me like shit, then turning around and expecting me to kill myself to reach an impossible deadline, is not--I repeat, NOT--going to get you anything you want.

Just to be clear.

Announcer: You are about to enter the courtroom of the damned. The demons are real. The cases are real. The rulings are final. This is his courtroom. This is Judge Judas.
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My ears are still ringing. This has been an episode of "God Damn Squirrels and the Dogs Who Chase Them," thank you for signing in.

Squirrel appears to have left for fresh fields and pastures new. Miss B is firmly under my desk. Boxnoggin has trotted to living room to try to track the elephant on the roof.

Squirrel still stamping on roof. Miss B back under desk. Boxnoggin attempting to climb into my lap, all 60+ lbs of him.

Miss B decided she'd had enough and tried to take refuge under my desk. Boxnoggin, being frightened of all the noise, followed.

I had to drag them both out while the squirrel kept running overhead.

Now both of them are tearing up and down the hall, screaming. The squirrel is continuing to stamp around.

So Boxnoggin is dancing around yapping in the hall while Miss B uses the hall as an echo chamber and the squirrel just keeps stamping overhead to encourage them.

It is very loud here.

You'd think Boxnoggin, being younger, would be louder.

You would be wrong. Miss B has unleashed a deafening sonic assault. Boxnoggin's bigger and younger, so she Banshees the fuck out of him.

There is a squirrel on the roof and the dogs are going mad.

Everyone's sharing the close-up image of the black hole itself, which is neat, but here is a zoomed-out view of the gigantic mass of space-stuff that it is busily consuming:

Prince did a cover of Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" and now I never want to listen to anything else. At least not for about six hours.

So if "Go It Alone" is Jace Monroe's entrance song, Folk Implosion's "Natural One" is Hilton's from the Keepers series.

So Beck's "Go It Alone" is Jace Monroe's entrance song. When he walked into Working for the Devil, that's what was playing in my head. "Hi, Danny. Got a kiss for an old boyfriend?"

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