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His Dark Materials? I took them. they’re My Dark Materials now

The neighbour over our back fence keeps yelling "GET OUT OF HERE, YOU JERK," at squirrels trying to get into his birdfeeders.

The madness is catching.

From the Vaults (back in 2010, oh my goodness...) : "I have to trust that I’m still interesting even when I’m not broken."

Settled after lunch with a fresh cuppa. Come on, Monday. Let's be friends.

Because if we're not I'm going to get peeved.


If anyone expected anything other than a complete and total betrayal of any and every female character, they haven't been watching.

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Really glad I stopped watching GoT except in YouTube clip format years ago. *sips tea*

The urge to watch Blackadder in bed is at 99% and rising.

Roast chicken with fennel tonight, and I am super excited about it.

I never thought I'd be excited about anything even close to liquorice taste, but...

Oh my gosh, I shouldn't be surprised that Scientists are the *biggest* nerds...

But fedifriends, Scientists *are* the biggest nerds.

exhibit 1: (tumblr link)

All right, back to not reading the news. I have a portal fantasy to work on and a dragon-riders thing to think about.

I have such a yen for Iain Glenn or Richard Armitage looking brooding/suffering/longing. It's pure narrative crack.


I totally feel like I have ARRIVED now.

Restraining the urge to correct and send back for revision the typo-ridden and indifferently grammatical newsletter from the Prince's school.


(Now Miss B is yelling at Boxnoggin. Clearly she blames him for ALL of this. I bid you a fond farewell, dear Reader, for I need to find earplugs.)

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FINAL PUPDATE: Dogs are clean. The Princess has her cardio for the day. There is a lot of wrestling as both damp dogs blame each other for their current state instead of us.

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PUPDATE: Both dogs have forgotten what happened and are now only mildly puzzled that they both seem to be damp. "The, uh, the loo needs to dry out a bit..." the Princess says.

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PUPDATE: Miss B is very poufy, Boxnoggin is extremely put out, and both dogs have been given treats to make up for it. I am now Favorite Hoomin since I didn't wash them.

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